This Posture Hack Instantly De-Activates the Stress Response

by Elizabeth Williams |

How is it possible that the way you hold your body can affect what happens in you...

A Chinese Medicine Inspired “Quarantini” to Boost Immunity

by Travis Metzger |

Seeking an adult beverage during the quarantine that also boosts immunity?  This s...

Finding Calm During Stressful Times With Chinese Medicine

by Dr. Eric Karchmer, PhD, MD (China), LAc |

These are unquestionably stressful times. Just when we think we've found our "new ...

Improve Your Digestion to Boost Your Immunity

by Travis Metzger |

Quinoa with Roasted Leeks, Shiitakes, Goat Cheese and a Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigr...

A Simple Immunity Smoothie With an Ancient Twist

by Travis Metzger |

The recipes on The Way are intended as an East meets West look at food and its rel...

Need a Digestive Detox Juice? Start with the Color of Your Ingredients

by Travis Metzger |

By using "yellow" ingredients, some "warming" ginger, and a modern twist on an an...

Are You a Perfectionist?  You Might Be a Metal Type.

by Dr. Ashley Abbs |

Did you take the world’s oldest personality quiz to determine which of the Five El...

8 Signs of Yin Deficiency and How to Treat It

by Jen Ward |

If you're overworked and under-rested, you may have Yin deficiency.  Acupuncturist...

Flu Season is Here - Are You Ready?

by DAO Labs |

Prepare for flu season and bolster immunity with a Chinese herbal formula that’s b...

Are You the Glue that Holds Life Together? You Might be an Earth Element

by Dr. Ashley Abbs |

Did you take the world’s oldest personality quiz to determine which of the Five El...

Grilled Fig, Pancetta & Ricotta Crostini to Aid Digestion

by Travis Metzger |

This week’s recipe features figs, which aid the digestive tract, whet the appetite...

Relieve Menstrual Cramping with this Simple, Ancient Recipe

by Travis Metzger |

As I've talked about throughout my recipes, the key principles of Chinese dietary ...

Are You the All-In Life of the Party?  Perhaps You’re a “Fire Type”

by Dr. Ashley Abbs |

If you're outgoing, go "all-in", and have a flair for the dramatic, you might be a...

Water Element: The Dreamer & Philosopher

by Dr. Ashley Abbs |

Which of the 5 elements in Chinese Medicine are you?  All about the "Water Type".

How Understanding Your Element Type Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

by Dr. Ashley Abbs |

Which of the 5 elements do you relate to the most?

Qi and The Spoon Theory

by Denise Cicuto |

I wrote this on a day when I woke up with back pain severe enough to bring tears...

What Do Apples & Donuts Have in Common in Chinese Medicine?

by Tracey Dwight |

Hint: it has nothing to do with sugar.

A DAO Labs Pre-Dinner Cocktail: The Digestive Harmony Spritz

by Travis Metzger |

Who says that a classic Italian aperitif can’t be enhanced by Chinese herbs? Not D...

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