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Begin Your Chinese Medicine Journey with a Wellness Session Between You and a Chinese Medicine Practitioner Who Cares

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Chinese medicine is powerful and life changing, but it can also be complicated and unapproachable.  We constantly hear stories about how the practice has transformed lives, when other wellness options have not.  But we also know it can be challenging to get started - intimidating and confusing. 

That’s why we offer virtual Chinese Medicine Educational Wellness Sessions with a practitioner from our network - tailored to your health goals.   

Schedule a call with one of our Chinese Medicine Practitioners, all of whom also actively practice in a clinic, and bring a wealth of knowledge, education, and compassion to your appointment.  You’ll talk about what Chinese Medicine is, acupressure points, herbal medicine, what your tongue says about your health to actionable lifestyle tips - all based upon goals that you outline ahead of your call.

What You Get from Your Consultation

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Actionable & immediate suggestions: acupressure, herbal programs, dietary tips and more

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Learn what your tongue says about your health & what you should do to optimize your wellness

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Discuss which Dietary Supplements of herbs may be beneficial. Receive discounts for any DAO formula

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Referral to a local acupuncturist in your market

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Follow-up support as needed, with periodic check-ins following your session

How it Works & Getting Started

  • 1

    Purchase your 30 minute session

    Pay just $40 for the one-time cost of your sessions.
  • 2

    Schedule your call

    You will get an email that tells you how to schedule your call. Pick a time that works for you.
  • 3

    Complete your Health Survey & Send Us a Picture of Your Tongue

    We’ll send you a form to complete ahead of your call. You’ll tell us a bit about yourself, your history with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and send us a picture of your tongue.
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    You’ll connect with a Chinese Medicine Practitioner who will have reviewed your information ahead of time for an actionable discussion about your goals and how this powerful practice can help.

Topics for Your Virtual Chinese Medicine Wellness Sessions

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Potential Topics & Goals

  • How to boost immunity and increase wellness by addressing underlying patterns and issues
  • Discuss health related topics where western medicine hasn’t helped you achieve your goal
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce stress and anxiousness
  • Women’s health topics - from fertility to menopause
  • Joint and muscle strength
  • Digestive health and wellness
  • Much much more


Ready to get started? Schedule your call today.

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Virtual Consultations

Virtual Consultations

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