Masks, Hand Sanitizers, & Quality Sleep for Immunity

By John G. McGarvey /

Looking for an immunity edge that you won't debate about?  Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep, every night.  And Chinese herbal medicine can help.

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Vital Qi with Chinese Medicine

By Sofie Ringsten /

A person’s vital life force is in Chinese medicine known as Qi (pronounced “chee”). It´s the flow of energy that sustains all life forms, both inter...

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How to Sync Your Day with the Chinese Medicine Clock

By Jen Ward /

Chronobiology is the study of biologic rhythms including circadian rhythms that follow a daily or 24-hour cycle. Sleeping at night and being awake durin...

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The Physical Effects of Emotions

By Dr. Lauren Dyer L.Ac. DAC /

“We carry our attachments and pain in our bodies. As we let them go, our bodies change” —Yung Pueblo Stress is a well-known culprit for creating illne...

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The Unusual Tale of Acupuncture, Racism, and African American History in the USA

By Tenisha Dandridge /

California-based acupuncturist Dr. Tenisha Dandridge shares nearly-lost history of acupuncture among African-Americans.

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5 Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Secrets

By Dr. Bruce Stafford /

Improve organ function and balance the body's natural fat-controlling hormones with these 5 tips from Chinese Medicine.

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