QiGong Breathing Exercises to Restore Qi

By Nick Loffree /

Nick Loffree, Qigong Teacher and Healer, shares two breathing exercises that will help restore your Qi (Vital Energy) if you're feeling run down or depl...

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A Chinese Medicine Guide to Gift Giving

By Tracey Dwight /

Give the gift of health this holiday season.

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Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang Energy Snack Recipe

By Travis Metzger /

The date, oat and nut energy bite recipe everyone needs, these are packed with fiber, protein and healthy fat and make for an amazing healthy snack that...

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Are You Burning Through Your Yin?

By Jen Ward /

Yin and Yang are underlying principles of Chinese medicine and good health is believed to come when they are perfectly balanced. While Chinese Medicine ...

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The Organ Systems of Chinese Medicine

By Hannah Fries /

Language is extraordinarily powerful in shaping our perception of the world and our experience in it. If we are seeking to expand our understanding of h...

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Ancient Digestive Recommendations for a Better Thanksgiving

By John G. McGarvey /

Strengthen the digestive process, minimize bloating, and feel better with these 4 tips from Chinese medicine.

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