Periods Shouldn't Be Painful

Say goodbye to cramps, mood swings, breast tenderness, cravings, bloating, acne, and more in this one hour class taught by a Licensed Acupuncturist who specializes in Women’s Health.


what you'll learn:

1. Powerful, natural way to understand your cycle - backed by history


A Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to the four phases of your menstrual cycle, and why this ancient approach is embraced globally for a more natural month.

2. An internal clock you likely didn't know you had


How to tap into and nurture the "internal clock" that regulates your cycle and has a profound impact on your neurology, metabolism, immune system, gut, and reproductive health.

3. Tips you can use to feel stronger, right now


Acupressure points, dietary tips, Chinese herbs, exercise routines, and more - specifically for each of the unique cycle phases.

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This Course Is For you if:

  • You’re curious about Traditional Chinese Medicine for reproductive health (even if you aren’t trying to get pregnant)
  • You experience cramps, mood swings, breast tenderness, cravings, bloating, acne, or irregular bleeding on a monthly basis -- and want to feel better naturally
  • You’ve tried to live in sync with your body’s natural cycles, and recognize that your needs, desires, and capabilities may be different at any given time of the month, but need some added guidance
  • You think there must be a better way to hormonal health than “the pill”
  • You’ve ever tried Acupuncture or herbs and know they work, but want to better understand why

What's Included:

  • A one-hour class created by a Licensed Acupuncturist, with lifetime, immediate access
  • A $15 credit to that can be used storewide and is sent immediately upon purchase of the class
  • A recipe guide to help you incorporate the principals you've learned throughout this class into real life

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Meet your instructor, hannah fries, l.Ac.


We’ve teamed up with California-based Acupuncturist Hannah Fries, L.Ac. to bring you this informative, approachable class that will introduce you to the wisdom of Chinese medicine for menstrual health. Even if you have extensive experience with Acupuncture, we guarantee you will learn strategies in this class to help you live a more balanced and empowered life in sync with your menstrual cycle.

A natural healer, Hannah has an incredible ability to educate others and share her years of experience in a way that is not only easy to understand, but fun to learn.

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