Finding Calm During Stressful Times With Chinese Medicine

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Finding Calm During Stressful Times With Chinese Medicine

These are unquestionably stressful times. From one natural disaster to the next, a nonstop political loop, and social media updates that are unending, there’s a lot that creates undue stress that we simply can’t escape.  If that weren’t enough, our general anxiety levels as a society are off the charts.  As mentioned in a recent article in The Atlantic “according to the National Institute of Mental Health, some 40 million American adults, about one in six, are suffering from some kind of anxiety disorder at any given time.”  

Chinese herbs lend a hand in calming the mind, body and spirit. DAO Labs' Emotional Balance offers solution to balance one’s mood and emotional stateOn an individual level, this throws us completely off balance.  Even if we’re not directly impacted by the news happening around the world, it’s impossible to escape the images, the stories, and the personal narratives. Whether we recognize it or not, our own worry brings added consequences - an imbalance of our emotional, mental and physical health that begins to impact our focus, relationships and enjoyment of life.    

Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbs & Your Balance

Chinese medicine is all about balance.  It’s a practice that we all strive for, and it’s why we fell in love with it.  It’s the “yin and the yang” that you might be familiar with, along with applications of balanced energy.  As we’ve learned through our process of creating DAO Labs, a body and mind in harmony leads to better overall physical health, emotional strength and mental focus.  

Chinese herbs have lent a hand in calming the mind, body and spirit for thousands of years, with formulas that have had a profound effect on one’s mood and emotional state – from treating the side effects of depression, to providing mental strength for premenstrual symptom.  

Turn to Dao Labs Emotional Balance natural supplement during times of stress to calm the mind.We designed Emotional Balance off a particularly popular Chinese formula that does just that: it delivers balanced emotions naturally, through a powerful eight-herb combination that Chinese medicine doctors have used for hundreds of years.  More specifically, they would say that it “supplements your Qi and nourishes your blood” (all factors that would increase your energy), while practically speaking, it aids in uplifting your mood and spirit.  We enjoy it constantly.  

Xiao Yao San: Free Your Spirit

Our formula is based off the classic Chinese formula Xiao Yao San, derivations of which have been used for a variety of mental and stress-related applications.  According to one such study, derivations of this formula “can be useful to improve quality of life, and reduce depressive, obsessive-compulsive, somatic symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.” Like with all things in the world of Chinese medicine, the results can be striking and powerful, with some feeling the effects nearly instantaneously (while for others, a more structured regimen might be required).  

We’ve tested and retested our herbs for safety and efficacy throughout of manufacturing process, and pair the formulas with refreshing flavors that help address the unpleasant flavor stigma typically associated with Chinese medicine.  

Moreover, we proudly donate a portion of revenue to our friends at WildAid, helping support an incredible cause with each purchase.   

While we can’t solve the world’s problems through the power of Chinese medicine, the herbs can help you achieve a greater sense of calm and harmony in your individual daily life.  To quote the amazing Chinese philosopher Lao Zi, “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”  Read more about Emotional Balance here, or feel free to call us to learn more about Chinese medicine, herbs, and about our passion for this incredible combination.



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