Flu Season is Here - Are You Ready?

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Flu Season is Here - Are You Ready?

Flu season typically reaches its peak in February, and the NY Times reported yesterday that things could get ugly - are you prepared?  At DAO Labs, we bolster our immunity with a Chinese herbal formula that’s been around for hundreds of years, with recent research shedding light on how it works.  Flu shot or not, we keep healthy with an ancient formula called Yu Ping Feng San (or as it’s translated, “Jade Windscreen”).   

How Much is it Worth to You to Not Get Sick?

Getting sick is never fun, but thinking you’re going to get sick can be worse.    As we’ve talked about in previous articles, Jade Windscreen has been such an incredible endorsement of the power of Chinese medicine and herbs.   It enables us to avoid the dreaded day off in bed or run-down feeling (where we can be equally unproductive), allowing us to focus on building our company and performing with equal passion and energy when we’re away from work.  When people around us start complaining about sore throats, sick kids and high fevers, we hit the Chinese herbs and keep cranking with life.

The office anecdotes on this are many: from our community engagement manager who physically thrived as her kids and husband got sick last weekend, to our doctor of Chinese medicine, Dr. Eric Karchmer, whose passion for the formula dates nearly 20 years (which he continues to push to his patients each flu season), we’ve lived the powers of Jade Windscreen.  One customer writes:


"I love the immunity support. I work around a lot of sick people and am very sensitive to when I can feel my body starting to fight something off. At any onset of that feeling I go to immunity support and it feels like my system responds in a much stronger way, it doesn’t feel so draining as my body fights off whatever infection may be running it’s course."

So Jade Windscreen Works - But How?

The key to health in Chinese medicine is maintaining balance. No formula reinforces this more than Jade Windscreen, with its three powerful herbs (atractylodes, siler root and the mother of all immunity, astragalus): the key to maintaining balance during flu season, however, is to maintain this health regimen while you’re healthy, allowing the herbs to reinforce your immunity and build a natural “windscreen” against airborne pathogens.

“The key to maintaining balance during flu season is to maintain a healthy regimen during flu season. No formula reinforces this more than Jade Windscreen”

Many doctors of Chinese medicine recommend a 30-day Jade Windscreen binge for maintaining health – in candor, we’ll push the envelope a bit and consume if and when we “feel something coming on”, but in all events, the formula seems to continue to work it’s magic.

Research Behind the Formula

A recent study from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology discusses how the formula has been “applied in anti-viral or antibacterial effects, which indeed have been shown to prevent viral infections…” The research goes on to point out that this formula was used widely by Chinese authorities during the SARS epidemic in 2003 to help support immunity. Not bad for three simple herbs.

DAO Labs & Immunity Support

Jade Windscreen is the herbal foundation of our Immunity Support blend. We’ve made the herbs taste good (Chinese medicine typically doesn’t taste good, at all) with our pear-ginger combination, and you can easily add these to water and consumer on-the-go. Think of these as you would powdered vitamin C packets, but packed with the 2,500 year heritage of Chinese medicine.

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