Acupuncture for Allergies

By Dr. Casey Dorman /

It can happen to anyone when the seasons change, and it can happen fast. The pollen and dust in the air are at its strongest when the winds of seasonal ...

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The Energy of Acupuncture: Dominoes versus Mr. Potato Head

By Bavi Grewal, R.Ac /

Originating in China more than 2,500 years ago, Acupuncture has been used around the world as a holistic health treatment to help prevent, diagnose, and...

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What Are the Meridians in Chinese Medicine?

By Hannah Fries /

“Meridians are the channels or pathways that carry Qi and Blood through the body. … they comprise an invisible lattice that links together all the funda...

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Acupuncture for Fertility

By Dr. Eric Karchmer, PhD, MD (China), LAc /

Acupuncture - and other Chinese medicine therapies, such as herbal medicine, moxibustion, massage, cupping, and so on - can be incredibly helpful for fe...

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Acupuncture for Runners

By Emily Bartha, LAc, MSAOM /

We're a nation of runners, which like many things, means we're always on the go and always prone to injury.  Portland, Oregon-based Acupuncturist Emily...

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The Sensation of Your First Acupuncture Needles

By Renee Pilgrim, R.Ac. /

Visiting an Acupuncturist for the first time might be an intimidating experience, but ask anybody who sees an Acupuncturist regularly, and they will tel...

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