Winter and The Water Element: A Chinese Medical Perspective

By Lauren Becker, LAc /

“It is the concentrated, internal force of winter that enables a seed to burst forth in spring growth.”   The energy of winter is deep and potent. With...

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Send Us a Picture of Your Tongue. We’ll Help You Sleep Better

By John G. McGarvey /

Send us a picture of your tongue (seriously).  Within 24 hours an acupuncturist will send you recommendation on how Chinese herbal medicine will help yo...

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New Year's Resolutions: How Acupuncture Can Help

By Marcie Bower, Lic.Ac, MAOM, Dipl. OM /

From losing weight to spending more time with family and friends, acupuncture can help you meet your New Year resolutions.  Massachusetts-based acupunct...

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Achieve Mental & Physical Balance: 7 Reasons for Chinese Medicine in the New Year

By John G. McGarvey /

Incorporate Chinese medicine into your mental and physical wellness practices in 2018.  Change your life in the process.

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The Benefits of Cupping, According to Research

By Emily Bartha, LAc, MSAOM /

You likely have seen the circular marks on the body.  And you have likely heard of cupping as an inexpensive, effective, and low risk way to alleviate ...

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A Western Doctor Finds Pain Relief with Acupuncture

By Michael Reinhorn MD, MBA, FACS /

Sharp stabbing pain in my lower back was all I could think about. As a general surgeon, pain is something that brings patients to my office, but not som...

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