The DAO Sleep Series: Two Unique Sleep Formulas for Quality Sleep

We’ve developed the DAO Sleep Series because we couldn’t settle on just one sleep formula because we all sleep differently - so we’re launching two herbal, non-habit forming formulas based on the principles of Chinese herbal medicine.

Melatonin was helping us fall to sleep, but wasn’t delivering quality sleep. So with the heritage of this ancient practice combined with refreshing flavors, we’re launching two unique blends, tailored for your sleeping.

Both of these powerful herbal formulas are non-habit forming and won't leave you mentally foggy the next day.


You Don’t Sleep Because You Are…

Restless and irritable when you go to bed?

Too hot under the sheets?

Constantly shifting and moving through the night?

Jerking and twitching?

Physical Tranquility is for you

You Don’t Sleep Because You Are…

Waking-up with a racing mind that won’t be quiet?

Stressed out in the night?

Anxious and mentally foggy?

Staring at the ceiling and alarm clock, counting down the hours?

Mental Tranquility is for you


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    One morning I woke up at 4:00 am, could not fall back asleep and was sweating again. I realized I forgot to take my herbs before going to bed. What an amazing feedback loop! I love sleeping well again.

    Dr. Micki Reinhorn MD - Physical Tranquility, Advocate

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    This formula has changed my life: it has eliminated the 2 AM stress cycles, helps me fall back to sleep quickly if I wake-up, and provides superior mental focus the next day.

    John G. McGarvey DAO Labs Co-Founder

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