The DAO Sleep Series: Two Unique Sleep Formulas for Quality Sleep

The DAO Sleep Series is comprised of two different sleep formulas for two different sleep challenges. Does your racing mind keep you up at night, or perhaps you sleep hot and frequently toss and turn? Depending on your sleep situation, we might have a formula for you.

Melatonin might help you fall asleep, but it doesn’t help you stay asleep. That’s where our formulas are different. Based on the principles of Chinese herbal medicine, our herbal, non-habit forming formulas have quickly proved effective to those who have tried them - keeping you asleep throughout the night and not mentally foggy the next day.


You Don’t Sleep Because You Are…

Restless and irritable when you go to bed?

Too hot under the sheets?

Constantly shifting and moving through the night?

Jerking and twitching?

Physical Tranquility is for you

You Don’t Sleep Because You Are…

Waking-up with a racing mind that won’t be quiet?

Stressed out in the night?

Anxious and mentally foggy?

Staring at the ceiling and alarm clock, counting down the hours?

Mental Tranquility is for you


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    Physical Transquility has made a difference right away!
    I got this for my husband, because I noticed that he was a restless sleeper- fidgety and getting too hot. He said that the first night he tried this it made the biggest difference. He couldn't remember the last time he slept so well. He now regularly takes this formula and we are nearing the end of his first batch. He definitely wants to start on the subscription plan.

    Mzjackson Physical Tranquility Review

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    Mental Tranquility
    After 4 days of using mental tranquility, I started sleeping better than I have in years. When I wake up at night, I fall back into a deep sleep effortlessly. This product has completely changed my sleep habits. Thank you!

    Janet F. Mental Tranquility Review

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