About Dao Labs

A Natural Wellness Practice 2,500 Years in the Making

While Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for centuries and is still widely used in Asia, not much has changed since its humble beginnings. Treatments are complex, formula preparation is time-consuming and flavors are often seen as earthy and unappealing. As TCM users ourselves, we knew there had to be a better way, which led us to creating our own line of TCM products using the same ingredients as our favorite ancient formulas, but updated for modern consumption.

Promise of Authenticity

Authenticity is at our core. We are committed to using authentic ingredients and to preserving the integrity of Daoism. We are experienced leaders in TCM and have spent over 25 years training, traveling and practicing in China. We live the ways of Daoism.

Invested in Innovation

We celebrate innovation, which means that extensive research goes into the ingenuity and quality of everything we make. Whether through taste, education or accessibility, we’re committed to providing the most innovative products possible, making TCM easy to understand and consume.


We strive to incorporate a sense of balance with nature into all aspects of what we do, from creating sustainable supply chain practices and environmentally beneficial products to  partnerships with leading advocacy groups in order raise awareness, while contributing to the elimination of animal poaching in the TCM supply chain.

The Formula for balanced health

Quality Assured

All of our products contain natural herbs with no artificial flavors or GMOs. All formulas are packaged and tested in the USA to ensure quality and safety.

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Enticing Flavors

Inviting aromas and unique flavor combinations will get you hooked on health. Every formula is delightfully effervescent and will entice you from the first sip to the last drop.

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Committed to preserving the environment by using sustainable practices throughout the supply chain and partnering with WildAid to end illegal wildlife trade.

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Easy & Convenient

Simply add powder to hot or cold water, stir and enjoy. All formulas come in individual packets making it easy for you to enjoy at home or on-the-go.

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The Dao Team

The Dao Team

Twenty years ago, on a busy side street deep in Asia, we first experienced the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since that time, we’ve literally and figuratively crossed bridges to bring a new “Way” of life for those seeking alternative methods of health and healing. It is our personal experience with, knowledge of, and passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine that has allowed us to create products we know will bring balance, health and harmony into your life...and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you.

Dr. Eric Karchmer, Chief Chinese Medicine Officer

Dr. Eric Karchmer

Eric Karchmer’s fascination with Chinese medicine started over 30 years ago, having ventured to Asia early in his career to teach English in Taiwan.  His passion eventually translated into a career, first as an academic, then later as a practitioner (and now again as both!).  Eric has been studying Chinese medicine for over 20 years, beginning his training at the renowned Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (from 1995 – 2000), studying alongside some of the most respected doctors in China.  

Today, Eric is a respected academic thought leader and practitioner of Chinese medicine.  His research explores recent developments in the theory and practice of Chinese medicine in China, and is currently completing revisions to his book, Double Truths, Postcolonial Transformations in Chinese Medicine.  In addition to his Chinese medicine studies and training, Eric holds a Ph.D from the University of North Carolina and a B.A. from Princeton.  When not teaching at Appalachian State University, Eric can be found practicing Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbs) at his clinic in Boone, North Carolina, or spending time with his wife and three children who, not surprisingly, are big fans of Chinese medicine as well.