Traditional Chinese Medicine 101

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

For over 2,500 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has focused on the concept of internal imbalance: what causes it, ways to treat it, and how correcting it can help us live longer, fuller lives. While the practice of TCM was developed centuries ago, its healing powers have endured the test of time to become a widely-used and highly-respected form of medicine both in Asia and all over the world.

Rooted in Daoism

TCM and Daoism compliment one another through a shared belief in the concept of balance, both within ourselves and the world around us, in order to find perfect health and harmony. Within Daoism, it is believed that to find Dao, or “The Way,” you must first find balance within yourself, before you can discover your true path in life.

The Way to health and harmony

Traditionally, patients sought balance by treating the mind, body, and spirit in a way that would bring harmony to the energy sources from within (commonly known in Chinese culture as “Yin & Yang”). Centuries later, we’re still using a similar holistic approach, which combines the effectiveness of herbal formulas with other TCM practices, from acupuncture and exercise to reconnecting with ourselves through nature.

Go with the flow

The energy (Qi, pronounced “chee”) within our bodies is believed to reside within an inner network of maps (also known as “Meridians”), which control the flow of energy throughout our systems. When illness occurs, it’s believed to be the result of an imbalance (or blockage) of energy within the body, which can be remedied through any number of TCM treatments, from herbal formulas to acupuncture and more.

More than just herbs

Herbs and formulas are just one part of a larger, natural healing approach that exists within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Other TCM practices include acupuncture, cupping, meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong, which are commonly used in conjunction with herbal formulas to provide patients with a more complete path to health and harmony.

From raw and earthy, to delightfully tasty

While potent and powerful, the herbs of TCM have never been revered for their taste. In fact, unappealing flavors is one of the reasons why TCM hasn’t been accepted by more Westerners. Knowing this, we were able to put more emphasis on developing flavors that would not only appeal to the palate, but would set a new taste standard for all modern TCM products.

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