Traditional Chinese Medicine for a Pain Free Period

By Megan Crouse, L.Ac /

Women have turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to help with all aspects of their health and wellness needs.  Unlike western op...

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TCM Sleep Tips

By John G. McGarvey /

Throughout the pandemic, disruptions to sleep caused by anxiety, stress, and uncertainty have been a constant.  And for many, the sleepless nights conti...

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Heart & Womb Connection

By Kris Gonzalez /

It's happened to you or a friend. An emotional trigger or trauma completely messes up your period. It's late, or comes way too early, maybe cramping is ...

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Chinese Medicine Theory for Better Intercourse

By Christine DeLozier /

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, Yin and Yang are the way of heaven and of earth. But the relationship between the two is complex, as it...

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How a 1,400-Year-Old Herbal Formula Gave Me My Life Back

By Travis Metzger /

After degenerative discs and spine inflammation limited Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Officer Travis Metzger's ability to perform daily tasks, he shares...

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The Medicine of Human Presence

By Hannah Fries /

Over the course of the past year, most of us have experienced the impacts of the drastic loss of social connection we had grown accustomed to. In an att...

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