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The Summer Chill Out Playlist

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The Summer Chill Out Playlist

Summer has arrived! Bring on the longer days, the summer Fridays and the overly humid backyard BBQ’s. It’s also time for our next playlist, for which we called upon our friend, Nan Arundel, who in addition to being born “smack dab in the middle of summer”, also has an incredible taste for music. Combine that with her mad yoga skills, and we arrived at the perfect D.J. for our DAO summer playlist. When not teaching yoga, corralling her two young kids, or fulfilling our requests for music, Nan works alongside her husband and crew at Landscape Love.

As a Vinyasa instructor, Nan’s classes “aim to be a blend of bliss with a smile”, which characterizes the way we felt after listening to her assembled tunes. It’s a playlist composed of 19 songs that are meditatively hip, delivering the right amount of energy for the office, a casual run or when you need to mentally change your state. And with that introduction, cue the music and enjoy!

Stream the playlist here.

DAO Playlist

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