Finding Balance In Times of Disruption with Chinese Medicine

By Kristina Adams, RAc /

This past year has really been one for the books.  A global health crisis, on-again, off-again mask-wearing, and travel disruptions to say the least.  A...

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The Benefit of Acupuncture for Teens

By Harmony Brown AP, L.Ac, CFMP /

Looking for a way to have a healthier, more focussed and happier teen in your life?  While the majority of those seeking acupuncture tend to be adults, ...

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Crazy Acupuncture Questions Finally Answered

By Jana Royer /

As Acupuncturists and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine we get some of the most interesting questions.  Below are a few of my favorite quest...

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Acupuncture for Fertility

By Dr. Eric Karchmer, PhD, MD (China), LAc /

Acupuncture - and other Chinese medicine therapies, such as herbal medicine, moxibustion, massage, cupping, and so on - can be incredibly helpful for fe...

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4 Proven Health Benefits of Acupuncture

By Emma Thake /

Millions of people around the world enjoy the benefits of acupuncture every day. Though it has been used for centuries in China, acupuncture is still a ...

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Understanding the Liver in Chinese Medicine

By Dahn Ngo /

Does this resonate? When a company or a leader excels, there is usually an assistant that does all the grunt work - overworked and underpaid, much like ...

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