How Chinese Medicine Links Digestion and Immunity

By Nick Loffree /

The link between blood sugar, digestion, and immunity has been described by Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians since ancient times.  Now we are see...

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How Mint Can Lead You to Emotional Bliss

By DAO Labs /

Mint is an important ingredient in Xiao Yao San or Xiao Yao Wan, traditional Chinese formulas for emotional stabilization.

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Therapeutic Effects of Commonly Used Chinese Medicine for Cancer Treatment

By Ruth Riley /

Care Consideration: Just a reminder that the above below is not a substitute for medical care and is not a substitute for medical advice or recommendat...

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Winter Radish Soup With Ginger and Soy to Reset Your Gut & Boost Immunity

By Travis Metzger /

Embrace food as medicine with this winter radish soup recipe, created to keep your digestion flowing and boost immunity.

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The 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine: Understanding the Water Element

By Dr. Liz Carlson /

What does it truly mean to "live with the seasons"?  Dr. Liz Carlson explains how to embrace and live in harmony with the Water Element.

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5 Ways Better Sleep Improves Your Health

By DAO Labs /

According to the American Psychological Association, since the beginning of the pandemic, researchers around the world have documented an increase in sl...

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