5 Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Secrets

By Dr. Bruce Stafford /

Improve organ function and balance the body's natural fat-controlling hormones with these 5 tips from Chinese Medicine.

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DAO Labs Co-Founder Awarded Fulbright Scholarship

By John G. McGarvey /

DAO Labs Chief Doctor of Chinese Herbal Medicine Dr. Eric Karchmer was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in Taiwan. ...

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Digestive Harmony & Bao He Wan: A Combination for Digestive Happiness

By Dr. Eric Karchmer, PhD, MD (China), LAc /

One seemingly minor, but in the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine not at all insignificant – digestive complaint that we have all experienced is “in...

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What Are the Meridians in Chinese Medicine?

By Hannah Fries /

“Meridians are the channels or pathways that carry Qi and Blood through the body. … they comprise an invisible lattice that links together all the funda...

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Cool Your Yin with this Recipe for Chinese Cucumber Salad

By Amy Malone /

Cool as a cucumber....maybe, or maybe you're hot and struggling with this summer heat!  Even though the heat seems as though it will never end, there's...

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Traditional Chinese Medicine for a Pain Free Period

By Megan Crouse, L.Ac /

Women have turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to help with all aspects of their health and wellness needs.  Unlike western op...

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