A Resource for Celebrating Chinese New Years

By DAO Labs /

This week, the year of the Rabit will arrive, ringing in the Chinese New Year celebration and triggering one of the largest celebrations around the worl...

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5 Ways to Use Bao He Wan to Support the Digestive System

By Dr. Eric Karchmer, PhD, MD (China), LAc /

Bao He Wan is a great "medicine cabinet" formula due to its effectiveness when digestive support is needed.  Here are 5 reasons to keep it on-hand.

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4 Chinese Medicine Lifestyle Changes to Support Joint Health

By Dr. Liz Carlson /

Acupuncture, herbs, and lifestyle tips to support achy joints.

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How to Practice Mindful Eating Using Eastern Methods

By DAO Labs /

Are you looking to incorporate mindful eating into your wellness routine?  Here are some suggestions you can start to incorporate for better digestion, ...

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Weight Loss & New Diet Science: East Meets West

By Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons /

As I teach my patients, a Chinese Medicine approach to weight loss, explaining that, in most cases, being overweight is a condition characterized by “...

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5 Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Secrets

By Dr. Bruce Stafford /

Improve organ function and balance the body's natural fat-controlling hormones with these 5 tips from Chinese Medicine.

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