Why This Chinese Formula is a Must for Thanksgiving Digestive Happiness

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Why This Chinese Formula is a Must for Thanksgiving Digestive Happiness

Tis’ (almost) the season to overindulge. Who doesn’t like to let their digestive guard down at a Thanksgiving feast, adding one more helping of mashed potatoes and a second helping of bean casserole (to say nothing of the turkey)? But fast forward just a few hours after the meal, and how do you feel? Bloated, gassy, uncomfortable, miserable? Enter the classic Chinese formula, Bao He Wan (aka, DAO’s Digestive Harmony).

In Chinese medicine, maintaining healthy digestion is the key to a happy, healthy life. While gut health goes out the window with each serving of pumpkin pie, this powerful herbal formula is used widely in China to help move things along so to speak, helping you (and perhaps your partner) have a more pleasant post-Thanksgiving evening. In some cases, the benefits can be almost immediate.

Five reasons why this classic Chinese whole herb formula will lead to a happier post-Thanksgiving celebration for your stomach:

  1. It helps after you’ve overeaten and over consumed: in Chinese medicine, over-indulgence leads to a condition called “stagnation”, which as you can deduce, essentially means that food is “stuck.” These eight herbs help address that feeling, sometimes almost immediately.

  2. Do you get gassy?   “Bao He Wan” translates to “Harmony Preserving Pills”. Sometimes harmony is what you need if you fall into this category.

  3. Some people love the formula as a hangover remedy (and in some cases, to prevent a hangover). Try a packet either before you go to bed or the following morning to help bounce back after enjoying one too many Thanksgiving cocktails.

  4. The formula has proved extremely popular with DAO’s customer base, from those seeking immediate digestive strength for gas and stomach harmony, to people seeking longer-term gut health.  

  5. In many cases, the benefits are felt almost immediately. According to Chinese medicine theory, the formula’s benefit is to “harmonize one’s stomach”, something that most will need should they have appropriately enjoyed themselves with family and friends.

Of course Chinese herbs don’t traditionally taste great, and that’s where our magic comes into play. We’ve paired our sustainably sourced herbs with a refreshing orange-chai combination: simply add to your post Thanksgiving glass of cold water and let the evening’s festivities continue.

Be thankful for a happy gut!

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