This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of TCM

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This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of TCM

Has Traditional Chinese Medicine changed your life?  This holiday season, take the opportunity to share this beautiful practice with those you love.  Here's our gift guide to choosing the perfect TCM inspired gift for everyone on your list!

For the Busy Traveler

For the person who is always on the go, consider the gift of the Healthy Holiday Bundle.  DAO Labs easy to carry along formulas are the perfect addition to a jet setters travel routine.  Airplanes are cesspools of germs - Immunity Support will help frequent travelers stay healthy.  Digestive Harmony is the perfect formula when eating exotic foods, or for a meal that just doesn't sit quite right.  And Emotional Balance is the antidote to jetlag - for a quick pick-me-up that doesn't include caffeine, it will help travelers get through those first couple of days of adjustment.

chinese herbs healthy holiday

For the Person Who Has Everything:

Do you ever feel more rested, relaxed, and cared for than when you leave an acupuncture appointment?  Many acupuncturists offer gift cards, and if your's doesn't, you can likely work with him or her to work something out.  Support your favorite acupuncturist and share this incredible experience with someone you love.  Need help finding an acupuncturist for an out-of-town recipient?  Let us know and we'll help connect you with someone amazing.

acupuncture christmas gift

For the New Mom

Pregnancy and birth can be depleting to the body: Dr. Eric Karchmer has shared the differences between how new Chinese mothers handle the postpartum period compared to expectations of new moms in the west here.  For new moms, we love the book The First Forty Days by Heng Ou, which details the "confinement" period that many new moms in China have after the birth of the baby, where women (and their support system!) prioritize time for healing and bonding with the new baby.  If your new mama friend is in LA, Heng also offers delivery of meals specifically for mothers through MotherBees.  What a great way to celebrate this special time!  If the gift recipient is outside of LA, the Women's Kit is comprised of two formulas that support healing, recovery, emotions, and nursing.  It's the perfect complement to The First 40 Days!

For the Stressed (Employee, Entrepreneur, Parent, Student, etc.)

Honestly, is there anyone who isn't stressed?  Anyone with high stress levels can benefit from Eastern medicine.  Acupuncture, QiGong, Tai Chi, and herbs will all help reduce stress.  Mental Tranquility, based on the traditional Gui Pi Tang, has been used for centuries to promote better, more restorative sleep, and to reduce stress and improve mental clarity. You can read more about how this formula has changed DAO Founder John G. McGarvey's life here.  This formula is a must for anyone in a high pressure environment.

gui pi tang stress

For the Beauty Lover:

The skin is our largest organ, and it deserves to be treated as holistically as the food we eat.  5YINA is a skincare company rooted in TCM, with products to promote your skin's vitality and resilience against pollution, environmental stress, and seasonal changes.  We dress and eat according to the seasons, and 5YINA rituals allow your favorite beauty lover to care for her skin according to changing seasons as well.  

5yina tcm skincare

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