Healing Post-Natal Trauma Through the Power of Acupuncture

by Caroline Joan Peixoto |

Lindenberg suffered from Bell’s Palsy immediately following the birth of her baby ...

On-the-Go Chinese Herbs for Vacations & Travel

by John G. McGarvey |

Looking for a livelier, healthier and more energized spring break?  Whether lookin...

Apple and Endive for Traditional Chinese Summer Cooling

by Travis Metzger |

Apples are a Yin and Qi tonic that promote vital energy and help dispel toxins. En...

Your Cold Juice May Be Harming Your Digestion... Here's How to Fix it.

by Travis Metzger |

Give your cold juice an upgrade with these tips from Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss

by Cheryl Blankenship, LAc. |

Chinese medicine corrects imbalances that are present in the body, and can be an e...

Fourth of July Grilling to Fire-Up Your Digestion

by Travis Metzger |

Fourth of July grilling conjures up visions of the barbecue loaded up with various...

7 Year Cycles of Women: Perspectives on Jing & Essence

by Kris Gonzalez |

If you’ve ever wondered how to reconnect, start with your 7 year cycles.

Menopause & Exercise: A Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

by Eileen Mannion |

Menopause and exercise: Should you? How much? What type?  As an Acupuncturist, let...

Is Your Salad Sabotaging Your Diet? Chinese Medicine Has the Answer.

by Travis Metzger |

We often think of a cold salad as healthy - but is it?  We examine some slight Chi...

A Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Summer Self Care

by Sarah Canga |

Summer is the time of expansion, growth, lightness, brightness, outward activity a...

Summertime Eating Guide, According to Chinese Medicine

by Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons |

Acupuncturist Dana Leigh Lyons shares 5 tips to keep you healthy and balanced this...

Acupuncture and Self-Care for Plantar Fasciitis

by Denise Cicuto |

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia – the connective tissue...

When Acne Strikes, Eat This - Dandelion Greens with Walnuts

by Travis Metzger |

The benefits of dandelion are many: it is said to “clear heat, detoxify, and drain...

Research Supports the Benefits of Acupuncture During Menopause

by Deanna Carell |

There's a reason that Acupuncture in the treatment of menopause symptoms has caugh...

Why You Should Grill your Kale for Better Gut Health

by Travis Metzger |

Need a recipe to bring to a barbecue this weekend?  Keep it healthy and middle bur...

A Chinese Medicine Approach to Food: Skip the Cold Salad

by Dr. Eric Karchmer, PhD, MD (China), LAc |

Digestion is the key to health according to Chinese medicine.  Support the spleen ...

Viruses Don't Take Vacations

by Hannah Fries |

You’ll need more than sunscreen to enjoy the beach this year. With summer vacation...

3 Reasons to Exercise, and Why They Make Sense According to Chinese Medicine

by Tracey Dwight |

3 tangible ways that exercise can help improve daily life from the perspective of ...

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