Astragalus Root for the Busy Mom

by Tracey Dwight |

Astragalus Root for the Busy Mom

Approximately 2.5 billion employed females are a part of America's labor force and this is only possible with the help of a "Village" (that is day care schools!  grandparents!  babysitters!) the craziness always finds a way to creep in.  One of the magical herb which is known for its apoptogenic and soothing properties is Astragalus Root that can help support us during difficult times is an adaptogen herb called Astragalus Root.

For over centuries, Astragalus Root has been widely used to foster immune system and alleviate stress (the link between mental stress and immune system is undeniable).  Many studies report that this popular herb has been reported to be beneficial for skin health and elasticity, mainly due to its apoptogenic properties providing immune system with nutrients that the body seeks. Feeling rundown? Astragalus can help give you energy. Feeling stressed? Astragalus also soothes down nervous system.

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Most moms are battling three constant challenges:

  • Illness 
  • Stress   
  • Sleep 

Let's look at how this one herb can help with all three. 

Sleep Deprivation & Astragalus 

Moreover, frequent consumption of Astragalus not only brings down stress but also promotes inner tranquility thus mitigating sleep disturbances. As a powerful herb it is believed to fasten metabolism and restores hormonal balance, which promotes restful sleep.

An Herb for Immunity 

Astragalus also acts as an immunity booster. The findings from a scientific research reports that Astragalus extracts contains compounds like polysaccharides, which support immunity cells within the body.

Did We Mention Stress?

Like many apoptogenic herbs including Astragalus are widely known for their positive effects which enhance physical and mental well being. A dosage of Astragalus not only soothes mind but also reduces stress levels. By relieving symptoms of stress, the herb has soothing effects on nervous system, and mitigates emotional instability (which makes it ideal for PMS).

Astragalus gives optimum results when used along with other Chinese herbal supplements, and Dao Labs has designed these formulas especially for working mothers-  like many of us have to decide between regular acupuncture appointments, exercise, and a full night's sleep.

For preventative measures, we recommend a daily dose of Immunity Support. Emphasize sleep (and if you have difficulty awakening throughout night, then we suggest two DAO Formulas that will improve your symptoms or you can Show Us Your Tongue  for a personalized solution. As we navigate through busy seasons, seek support in the form of a daily Emotional Balance for mom and a little extra screen time for the kids.

DAO Labs herbs are sourced using sustainable practices and tested for authenticity.  Taking formulas that have been used for hundreds of years, DAO has packaged them in a convenient way (throw a few in your purse and keep a couple in your desk drawer), so having a cup can become a relaxing ritual instead of chore.  

Want to try Astragalus Root for yourself?  This powerful herb is found in both Immunity Support and Emotional Balance.  Try today and use code MOM to save 15% and let the power of Astragalus help you find balance during these difficult times.

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