Astragalus Root for the Modern Working Mom

By Tracey Dwight /

Astragalus Root for the Modern Working Mom

Motherhood is beautiful and messy and constantly changing.  Did you ever think "distance learning" would be a part of your every day vocabulary?

21.5 million working mothers contribute to America’s workforce, and the "village" that once supported us (daycare!  schools!  grandparents!  babysitters!) has largely been taken away.  One time tested herb that can help support us during difficult times is an adaptogen herb called Astragalus Root.

For hundreds of years, many people have been using Astragalus Root as an immune booster and stress reliever (the relationship between stress and immune system is undeniable).  Its benefits are extensive: it's been shown to improve skin health and elasticity, studies have shown that it boosts the immune system, and it’s been heralded as a trendy “adaptogen” - meaning it conforms to the what the body seeks.  Feeling rundown? Astragalus can help give you energy. Feeling stressed? Astragalus can help to calm the nerves.

Most moms are battling three constant challenges:

  • Illness 
  • Stress   
  • Sleep 

Let's look at how this one herb can help with all three. 

Sleep Deprivation

Regular consumption of Astragalus Root can aid in reducing stress levels and providing peace of mind, helping to mitigate those 2 am wake ups. Considered a powerful reliever, Astragalus Root improves metabolism and maintains hormonal balances, which eventually promotes peaceful sleep.

Immunity Support

Astragalus Root can serve as a natural immune booster. A recent scientific study reveals that astragalus extract contains some compounds including polysaccharides, which can stimulate immunity cells.  

Chronic Stress

Adaptogens like Astragalus Root are having their day - and why not? Astragalus has many unique effects that can help balance mental as well as physical health. Taking Astragalus not only provides mental calmness, but can also reduce stress levels. Besides regulating stress levels, the herb can improve nervous tension and mitigate mood swings (which explains why it's so popular for PMS).

Astragalus works best when enhanced with other herbs from ancient Chinese formulas, and DAO Labs has made these formulas so much more convenient for the working mom - especially as many of us have to forgo our regular acupuncture appointments due to shelter-in-place orders. 

As we start to venture out, we recommend a daily dose of Immunity Support as a preventative. Prioritize sleep (and if you have trouble waking through the night, there are two DAO formulas that can help or you can Show Us Your Tongue for a custom solution.   As we navigate through a new normal, seek support in the form of of a daily Emotional Balance for mom and a little extra TV time for the kids.

DAO Labs' herbs are sourced using sustainable practices and tested for authenticity no fewer than 10 times before they are sold - the quality of these products cannot be beat.  Taking formulas that have been used for hundreds of years, DAO has packaged them in a convenient way (throw a few in your purse and keep a couple in your desk drawer) and they taste much better than traditional herbs, so having a cup can become a relaxing ritual instead of chore.  Want to try Astragalus Root for yourself?  This powerful herb is found in both Immunity Support and Emotional Balance.  Try today and use code MOM to save 15% and let the power of Astragalus help you find balance during these difficult times.

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