How to Incorporate Chinese Herbs into Your Daily Routine

by Jane Veitenheimer |

How to Incorporate Chinese Herbs into Your Daily Routine

Are you inspired to add Chinese Herbs to your life, but struggling to integrate them into your daily routine? That is the predicament that launched Dao Labs as a company. With the rise of acupuncture being accepted by Western Medicine, more patients were interested in Chinese Herbs. These herbs were often in pill form - needing to be taken multiple times a day, in large quantities. We found that the modern Westerner needs something more accessible for their busy schedule, thus Dao Labs came to be.

Here are 4 Ways to Easily Incorporate Chinese Herbs into your Daily Routine:

Pack & Plan.

When you are busy throughout the day, the easiest way to proactively add herbs to your schedule is to pack them in the morning. This is why we package our products in individual packets, for on-the-go support. Do you often feel bloated from sitting at a work all day? Leave a pile of Digestive Harmony at your desk. Do you get fatigued mid-day? Add Emotional Balance to your lunch as a pick-me-up.

Timing is everything.

An easy way to make sure a new habit sticks to your routine is by repetitive timing. Start your day with Emotional Balance, track your period with this free calendar and ensure that you take the Women’s Kit at the same time every month. Using our product regularly also helps with their effectiveness!

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Work with a TCM Practitioner.

If you have a specific issue that you’re hoping to work on we always recommend seeing an experienced TCM practitioner. Not only will they make sure you take the appropriate dosage and formulas, they can help you expand your TCM routine with these other holistic healing practices. Always check what traditional formulas our products are based on to connect your practitioner's recommendation to our products. For example, our Emotional Balance formula can be used as an alternative if your practitioner recommends you to take “Free & Easy Wanderer.”

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Let the Herbs Come to You.

The hardest part about adding something to your day-to-day schedule is simply remembering that it’s a part of your routine! We take the managing out of it with our subscription plan. You can save up to 10% off a box by signing up. Never worry about breaking the cycle and forgetting your herbs, we’ll bring them to you.

Jane Veitenheimer is a Minneapolis-based writer who is passionate about vinyasa yoga and holistic healing. In her free time she juices, knits with her two cats, and goes on long hikes with her dog.

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