Detox Your Body & Revitalize Your Qi with this Delicious Slaw

by Travis Metzger |

Detox Your Body & Revitalize Your Qi with this Delicious Slaw

Spring and summer are a natural times of detoxification, when we look to bring our bodies into balance and enhance our health. Sugar, processed foods, environmental toxins, too much stress, and too little sleep and exercise can have our bodies headed in the wrong direction quickly. 

We want to support detoxification to strengthen immunity. If the body is overloaded with toxins, it can’t be as efficient at other important jobs.

ApplesThe Key Ingredient: Qi

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory is all about balance, and we want energy to flow smoothly within the body. When this vital energy, or Qi slows down or gets stuck, it can cause pain and illness. Qi is an important concept.

This vital energy, Qi activates the body’s natural ability to heal and stay well. Even the foods we eat have their own innate energies, and by eating those of the right quality, we can revitalize our own Qi.

Thinking in terms of what nutritional elements your body needs or may be lacking at any given time is a wonderful way to address your overall health and wellbeing. In the spring, we can shed what we needed for warmth in the winter. It’s the perfect season for detoxing and revitalizing your personal Qi.

Ingredients to Invigorate Qi and Promote it's Cirulcation

The apple in the recipe invigorates and promotes Qi while helping to dispel toxins. Cabbage supports Qi circulation, is a great antioxidant, and has more vitamin C than oranges. Turmeric has been part of Southeast Asian cuisine for millennia and it’s currently in the limelight for its anti-inflammatory and cancer preventative benefits.

Crunchy, tangy and nutritious, this simple slaw can be used as a side dish, a perfect light lunch, or an afternoon snack. Implementing small changes will allow your body to evolve into a stronger version of yourself, and lead to a toxin free body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Benefits of the Ingredients

Granny Smith Apple - Strengthens heart, lung, stomach, spleen and large intestine. "Tonifies yin and Qi". Counteracts heat and removes toxins.

Napa Cabbage - Strengthens large intestine, stomach and lung. Counteracts heat and promotes Qi circulation.

Onion - Strengthens lung, stomach, liver and large intestine. Promotes blood and Qi circulation, counteracts cold and damp, resolves phlegm.

Turmeric - Strengthens spleen and liver. Promotes blood and Qi circulation. Reduces wind damp cold.

Green Chile - Strengthens lung, spleen, stomach and heart. Tonifies yang. Promotes blood and Qi circulation. Reduces wind damp cold.

Ginger - Strengthens lung, spleen, stomach, heart and uterus. Counteracts cold. Resolves phlegm. Promotes Qi circulation. Reduces wind cold.

Lime - Strengthens gall bladder, liver, kidney, lung and spleen. Promotes blood and Qi circulation. Counteracts heat. Resolves phlegm and removes toxins. Olive Oil - Strengthens spleen and liver.

Spring Slaw





Serving Size 4-6 

Prep/Cooking Time 

Preparation time: 10 minutes / Cooking duration: 10 minutes



  •     2 cored and julienned Granny Smith apples   
  •      4 C Napa Cabbage thinly sliced
  •      1 Medium Red Onion thinly sliced
  •      1⁄2 tablespoon fresh Turmeric (
  •      1-2 Green Chile, serrano, to taste
  •     1 inch fresh Ginger
  •     1-2 Limes’ juice depending on size
  •     2-3 tablespoons Olive Oil
  •     Salt and Pepper to taste 

Combine all ingredients and mix together. Allow to rest ten minutes and mix again, the acid will begin to break down the cabbage, onion and apple a bit and you will have a wonderful balance of sweet, savory and spicy.

Dining with Culinary Artist Travis Metzger is an unforgettable experience. You can taste the passion, creativity and culinary expertise in each of Travis’s one-of-kind recipes. Most would agree that Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs in their original form taste less than delectable, but Travis has proven that TCM for today can taste great with DAO Labs. Travis develops unique flavors for each DAO formula to complement the proprietary blend of herbs and their health benefits. After extensive training at the New England Culinary Institute, Travis ran some of the finest restaurants across the country before starting his own in Minneapolis. To survive the stresses and physical challenges of the kitchen heat, Travis focused on combining natural ingredients for healthy AND delicious eating and juicing.

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