Embracing Traditional Chinese Medicine as an Expat Executive in Hong Kong

By Caroline Joan Peixoto /

Meet Amanda, the Director of Brand and Community for Lululemon Asia and a member of our advisory team here at DAO! Living in Hong Kong, her interaction ...

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A Better Solution When Headed Airborne

By Nell Smircina /

I need to feel like anything I put in my body is safe and makes sense....enter Jade Windscreen.

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Transitioning Inwards: Embrace Autumn by Letting Go

By Carmelle LeMaistre /

7 ways to use Chinese Medicine theory for a better transition to autumn.

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Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Tidy Up

By Lauren Becker, LAc /

We’re all familiar with spring cleaning, but from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, fall is a perfect time to de-clutter and tidy up! Here’s w...

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From Opioid Addiction to Holistic Health Advocate

By Tracey Dwight /

If you're ever in San Diego and need acupuncture, you should meet Becca Ur.  Not only is she a recent graduate of the Pacific College of Health and Scie...

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The Dreaded Back-to-School Cold: How One Teacher Prepares for It

By John G. McGarvey /

“I was asked to try Immunity Support last year and the experience was fabulous!,” said Tamara. “The positive results surpassed my expectations when I we...

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