How Mint Can Lead You to Emotional Bliss

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How Mint Can Lead You to Emotional Bliss

Imagine breathing in the waft of vapors coming off a waterfall, or a sweet breeze dampened by a morning dew. That fresh air is Bo He, or what you call - mint.  A common herb with not so uncommon health benefits, mint is an important ingredient in Xiao Yao San or Xiao Yao Wan, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas for emotional stabilization, stress reduction and a sense of calm. Mint not only has a myriad of nourishing properties, but also about 500 varieties and types from all over the world. 

Origins and Form

In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Bo He occupies a significant place. It has a tremendous ability to regulate your Qi (energy), thanks to its healing and anti-bacterial power. It is a perennial herb found in many parts of the world, with equally many cultures incorporating it into cooking and healing. The lush green leaves are often dried to make medicinal powders, teas, and oils.

Cool Off With Bo He

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, mint is known for its cooling properties. With a refreshing yet pungent aroma and a strong flavorful taste, it can fight off excessive heat and toxic Qi-blocking wind. Additionally, it has been proven to serve as a coolant for the liver, consequently improving its function and health.

Cool off and mentally chill out by fighting wind that blocks Qi 

It can provide gastrointestinal, menstrual, and digestive strength, and its wind-expelling and heat- reducing properties also address headaches, vertigo, and “cloudiness” in the mind.

But, Mint for the Mind?

Absolutely! Mint is known not just to expel wind-heat energy, but also recharge stressed or overly worked nerves. Thanks to its cooling properties, therapeutic aroma, strong flavor, and phytonutrients, it works as an instant refresh.

Recent studies have shown mint to positively affect cognitive abilities, memory, and problem solving. In Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, the herb has been associated with restoring mental and emotional balance, which is why it’s an essential ingredient in our "Free & Easy Wanderer" blend, Emotional Balance.

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