Cool, Calm, Clear: The Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Acne

by Lydia Au, L.Ac, MSOM |

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, affecting over 85% of us at some p...

How Mint Can Lead You to Emotional Bliss

by DAO Labs |

Mint is an important ingredient in Xiao Yao San or Xiao Yao Wan, traditional Chine...

Apple and Endive for Traditional Chinese Summer Cooling

by Travis Metzger |

Apples are a Yin and Qi tonic that promote vital energy and help dispel toxins. En...

A Traditional Chinese Medicine "Cooling" Recipe for the Dog Days of Summer

by Rawls Whittlesey, LAc |

Watermelon is considered a Traditional Chinese herb (xi gua) and can be the perfec...

Cool Your Yin with this Recipe for Chinese Cucumber Salad

by Amy Malone |

Cool as a cucumber....maybe, or maybe you're hot and struggling with this summer ...

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