Blood Deficiency: A Traditional Chinese Medicine Overview

by Kacie Krecolowich R.Ac |

Blood Deficiency. Iron Deficiency. Anemia. Low Ferritin. Blood deficiency is a ver...

A Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Autumn Alignment

by Sonja Alina denElzen, R.Ac |

The five phases in Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy are a way of connecting...

Fall and Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Denise Cicuto |

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Maybe it’s because I was born in October ...

Enhance Your Fertility With These Six Actionable Steps

by Eileen Mannion |

If you are embarking on a fertility journey, whether it be trying naturally or und...

How Many Acupuncture Treatments Will I Need?

by Jacy O'Neill, LAc |

As an Acupuncturist, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “how many tr...

Painful Periods? They Don't Have to Be!

by Amy Malone |

So many women are suffering from painful periods. In fact, more than half of women...

Chinese Medicine Recommendations for Late Summer Wellness

by DAO Labs |

When we speak of the seasons in a Western sense, we have four seasons - Winter, Sp...

Holistic Approaches to PTSD in Veterans: Exploring the Benefits of Acupuncture

by DAO Labs |

For years, military personnel have silently borne the weight of post-traumatic str...

Understanding the Liver in Chinese Medicine

by Dahn Ngo |

Does this resonate? When a company or a leader excels, there is usually an assista...

What the Five Elements Can Teach Us in Times of Disruption

by Corinne LeBlanc |

What the 5 elements in Chinese medicine can teach us about staying healthy.

Are You Burning Through Your Yin?

by Jen Ward |

Yin and Yang are underlying principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and ...

7 Year Cycles of Women: Perspectives on Jing & Essence

by DAO Labs |

If you’ve ever wondered how to reconnect, start with your 7 year cycles.

How Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Can Support Mental Well Being

by DAO Labs |

As an Acupuncturist with Acuworx Acupuncture Studio, mental health is a top priori...

The Husband Wife Imbalance

by DAO Labs |

In Chinese Medicine, it is believed that there is a masculine and a feminine energ...

QiGong Breathing Exercises to Restore Qi

by DAO Labs |

Nick Loffree, Qigong Teacher and Healer, shares two breathing exercises that will ...

What Is "Wind" In Chinese Medicine Theory?

by DAO Labs |

Most of us know how it feels to have our faces slapped by a strong wind, or the ee...

Your Liver, Your Emotions and the Flow of Qi

by DAO Labs |

The Liver is all about FLOW. Flow of Qi, flow of Blood, flow of EMOTIONS.  “In sho...

Hey Movers and Shakers – You’re Likely a Wood Element

by DAO Labs |

Are you a Wood Type?  Dr. Ashley Abbs explains more.

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