5 Ways to Use Bao He Wan to Support the Digestive System

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5 Ways to Use Bao He Wan to Support the Digestive System

When you go visit an acupuncturist or Doctor of Chinese Medicine, often one of their first questions will be: how is your digestion? Proper digestion is central to good health in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Good gut health will lead to deeper sleep, increased energy, and better mood. Stomachs that are working harmoniously can reduce bloat and upset stomach, and ease digestive issues. At DAO Labs, we truly believe the key to good digestive health is through keeping the Middle Burner operating at 100 degrees.  Sometimes, though, we all need a bit of extra support - and that's where Chinese herbal medicine can help.

Bao He Wan (Preserve Harmony) is a combination of 8 herbs: half of which help “descend” food in the case of overeating, and half of which help to remove “dampness” and “heat” and treat “deficiency”.  Used by acupuncturists and Doctors of Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years, this formula was traditionally used to support people with chronic digestive issues. DAO Labs has modernized this incredible formula in Digestive Harmony, making it more accessible, easy to understand, and consumable.  We’ve complemented the natural flavors with orange and chai in an effervescent powder that you can take on-the-go for immediate support.

Here are 5 reasons to always keep Bao He Wan on hand:

1) Gut reset

We get it - it’s easy to let your health get sidetracked.  It might start by grabbing a salad-to-go, followed by ordering a pizza for dinner, and the next thing you know, you start to feel bloated and lethargic.  It’s time for a hard reset. We recommend pairing Digestive Harmony with the Middle Burner Diet by DAO Labs for best results.  

bao he wan travel

2) Travel 

Travel can throw off our routines.  Those of us who try to eat healthy most days can find that more difficult when we travel.  Vacations often lead to extra cocktails and more eating out, throwing off the digestive balance.  One customer writes:

Excellent Remedy

Digestive Harmony is a yummy blend that seems to be helpful for all types of digestive issues.  Personally, I have experienced far less bloating after eating foods that disagree with my digestion.  It is my go to when traveling.

We recommend packing one or two sachets of our Digestive Harmony per day you’re away, and take as needed. (As a side note, this formula is also helpful for a hangover - you can even take one in advance when you know you’ll be drinking more than usual, but if it hits you by surprise, take two the next day.) 

3) When you overeat

Because the herbs found in Bao He Wan help move food, preventing food stagnation, you can take them after a big meal to help ease the discomfort.  One customer writes:

I literally just used some of this after eating more than I should have for dinner.  It makes me feel better and helps keep me regular. Great product that I would highly recommend.

For best results, mix one sachet after the meal and let the food move freely through your digestive system.

bao he wan

4) In place of your usual “Over-the-Counter” support

As a community, we’re starting to think more critically about what we’re consuming.  Is it plant based? Is it made of whole foods? Is it GMO and does it have additives?  Well, what if we told you that many of our customers use this powerful formula in place of many of the common OTC digestive aids?  One customer writes:

Instant Acid Reflux Relief

For breakthrough acid reflux I rely solely on DAO Digestive Harmony for instant relief.  I have suffered with reflux my whole life, but with diet and better lifestyle choices the change in my quality of life is amazing.  DAO Digestive Harmony is my partner in daily wellness, I am so grateful. Thank you DAO!

Again, take one sachet after eating to support the digestive system and move the food you consume down through the digestive system.

5) Bloating

In Chinese medicine theory, bloating is (again) a result of stagnant food.  Bao He Wan helps to move the food and reduces stagnation, and our customers love this formula for bloating.  One customer writes:

Works great.  This won’t be the last time I buy a box of Digestive Harmony.  Gets rid of bloating in minutes.

However, if your bloating is related to the premenstrual phase of your cycle, Emotional Balance may be a better fit - that’s typically the case of Qi stagnation and moving the Qi will move your digestive system.

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