5 Ways to Stay Healthy During BBQ Season

by Jane Veitenheimer |

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During BBQ Season

BBQ season is here and we couldn’t be happier to hang out with friends and family. While more outdoor time is healthy, loading up on brats and potato chips is not. This year, enjoy barbecue get-togethers while staying healthy with these 5 tips.  

fresh produce for bbq season

  • Bring fresh produce.
  • Before your party, visit the farmers market or grocery to grab some fresh produce. During a hot day, fresh fruit will hydrate you and be much more appealing than fatty snacks. When loading your plate, make sure to eat the fresh foods first then move on to your indulgences - we promise you won’t want as much if you’re comparing taste profiles with whole foods.

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • At events when the end-goal is overindulgence, your barometer for full will be skewed. If it’s a warmer day, your thirst may also feel like hunger. By drinking plenty of water you’ll fill your tummy up with more hydration rather than a second brownie.

  • Take a break before round two.
  • With so many food options, it’s easy to break a BBQ up into two plate rounds. Rather than eating two full plates, take smaller servings of everything you’d like to try. Take a 15 minute break after your first plate to let your food settle and ask yourself if you’re really hungry.

  • Go for a walk after eating.
  • Eating heavy processed foods can make you lethargic for an entire day. Along with our other advice, we recommend going for a walk 30 minutes after your meal. Get your qi flowing so your food doesn’t weigh you down and you’re able to keep present and moving throughout the rest of the day. 

  • Drink Digestive Harmony.
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    Jane Veitenheimer is a Minneapolis-based writer who is passionate about vinyasa yoga and holistic healing. In her free time she juices, knits with her two cats, and goes on long hikes with her dog.

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