A Post-Thanksgiving Digestive Reset for Your Stomach

by Sarah Canga |

Feeling like you need a reset after the holiday?  Incorporate this delicious water...

Lighten Up Your Thanksgiving Feast with a Delicious Eastern Inspired Green Be...

by Travis Metzger |

Upgrade your green bean casserole this year for these fresh, lightly cooked green ...

A Traditional Chinese Medicine Autumn Reset

by Emily Reimann, L.Ac. |

Acupuncture is a great way to assist the body while transitioning from the long, w...

Transitioning Inwards: Embrace Autumn by Letting Go

by Carmelle LeMaistre, R.Ac |

7 ways to use Chinese Medicine theory for a better transition to autumn.

Autumn-Inspired & Outrageously Delicious Homemade Almond Mylk

by Hannah Fries, LAc |

Remember the days when soy milk seemed like the only alt mylk around? Oh, how th...

How to Boost Wei Qi with Acupuncture + Herbs

by Megan Crouse, L.Ac |

Let's start with the basics: Allergies are an immune system response as your body ...

A Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Summer Self Care

by Sarah Canga |

Summer is the time of expansion, growth, lightness, brightness, outward activity a...

Summertime Eating Guide, According to Chinese Medicine

by Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons |

Acupuncturist Dana Leigh Lyons shares 5 tips to keep you healthy and balanced this...

5 Foods to Eat for Spring Health

by Julie Starsage |

British Columbia based acupuncturist Julie Starsage shares 5 foods to eat this spr...

5 Natural Pollen Season Solutions

by Jen Ward |

According to Healthline, between 10 and 30 percent of all adults and as many as 40...

5 Ways to Detox This Spring

by Samantha Van De Wal |

5 simple steps to have your body feeling lighter and brighter this spring.

The Seasonal Shift, Its Relationship to Insomnia, & Acupressure

by Emily Bartha, LAc, MSAOM |

How does the seasonal shift and time changes lead to insomnia? And how can acupunc...

A Traditional Chinese Medicine Juice for Spring Detox

by Travis Metzger |

Just as we take time to give our homes a thorough cleaning each spring, it’s impor...

Don't Panic: 5 Steps to a Healthier Spring with Chinese Medicine

by Dr. Eric Karchmer, PhD, MD (China), LAc |

Keep healthy with these 5 Chinese medicine recommendations to maintain your health...

Winter and The Water Element: A Chinese Medical Perspective

by Lauren Becker, LAc |

“It is the concentrated, internal force of winter that enables a seed to burst fo...

4 Common Holiday “Side Effects” and How Chinese Medicine Can Help

by Brenna Bouchard, L.Ac. |

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, sometimes. Other times we can fee...

Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips for Hot Summer Days & Nights

by Kelli Taylor, RAc |

The summer season belongs to the Chinese Element of fire (the associated color is ...

A Traditional Chinese Medicine "Cooling" Recipe for the Dog Days of Summer

by Rawls Whittlesey, LAc |

Watermelon is considered a Traditional Chinese herb (xi gua) and can be the perfec...

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