Water Element: The Dreamer & Philosopher

by Dr. Ashley Abbs |

Water Element: The Dreamer & Philosopher

Did you take the world’s oldest personality quiz?  If no, I invite you to head over there and learn which of the Elements you identify with the most.  If you did and your quiz results concluded that you’re predisposed to the Water Element, read on for an overview!

The Water Element in Chinese Medicine is represented at the bottom of the Five Element charts, giving it a much denser and heavier energetic than that of the other elements.  It draws its associations from the season of Winter, inviting each of us to slow our movements along with our mind for a period of reflection and alignment to our souls mandate.  

To the outside eye, on the surface everything remains dormant and still, while underneath, just as in nature, our energies and resources are being consolidated through introspection and rest - allowing new beginnings to start germinating so that they eventually reveal their authentic expression and action in due time.

The Water Personality Type  

Considered the “dreamer”, “philosopher” and “mystic”, the Water type is drawn toward the depths and the mysteries of the unseen.  They don’t care for anything superficial whether that be individuals, thought or small talk.  They value intelligence, wisdom and insight. They’re honest, live with integrity and are always seeking authentic expression.  This allows them to be completely comfortable walking their own path, separate from others, even if it means that they must walk alone.   

Often quite introverted, they aren’t as comfortable is social settings as some of other Element types, which can make them appear guarded or aloof.  However, if given the opportunity to find a quiet corner to be in deep conversation with a small group of like-minded individuals, they can lose complete track of time and awareness of what is happening around them.  

The over-arching theme that a Water type seeks is to feel is safe. If they feel safe and secure, then they are able to be fully themselves and also free to do what they want.   Fully trusting of the rhythm and flow of their life, Water types are able to leap into the unknown with a sense of knowing that it will all turn out okay.  It appears that luck is always on their side, in part because of their adventurous spirit, they can easily relax into the changes of life’s direction and the circumstances that they find themselves to be in. However, they also must watch out for moments when they do experience a period of struggle or lose momentum that requires them to overcome with perseverance over abandoning it with quip of judgement that it just wasn’t meant to be. 

How a Water Type Thrives – Do Others Seek Your Opinion?

A Water type’s strength abounds when they feel safe.  To an outsider they may even appear fearless, though they must be conscious of false bravado.  They can be incredibly courageous in a crisis, able to easily asses and mediate risks so that they quickly figure out the plan to get through. Their calm and steady demeanor provides others to trust and feel safe in their presence. 

Because of their want for greater meaning and love of philosophy they have an affinity to seek understanding of the deeper truths and mysteries for the universe.  They are curious and ask really good questions that pierce to the core of an individual to uncover greater meanings.  This allows them to have perspective beyond current circumstance, to see the bigger picture unfolding. As a result, this often puts them in a position of having a lot of wisdom to bestow, making it common for others to seek out their opinions and advice.   

While normally considered the bravest person in the room, when the Water Type is fearful and feeling unsafe, they can become the most afraid.  Overwhelmed and consumed by all of the possible things that could possibly go wrong, causing them to freeze, insulate and close themselves off from experiences and others as a form of protection.  

Water types require time in solitude, to be with their own thoughts and recalibrate their nervous system.  Meditation, guided imagery, yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong are helpful practices to help quiet their mind, connect with their intuition and allow their greater dreams and desires to come to light.  Retreats, where they can escape the demands of everyday life provide a beautiful reset that assists them in connecting to their core values and authentic self.  

Healing Practices for a Water Type 

Shake - when a person experiences extreme shock or fear they will begin to shake.  This is the body’s instinctual way of dispelling the situation or experience out of the body in order to protect the organs such as the adrenals and kidneys.  One can shake as a practice to access the fear that they have internalized in their lifetime to dispel and relate their attachments in both the mental, emotional and physical realms.  

Spend Time With Water: Allow the Waters in your life to be your teacher, notice the yin and yang properties of how it is able to be both calm and still and also flowing. Witness its movement in oceans, rivers, ponds and streams.  

Dr. Ashley Abbs is a registered acupuncturist, writer, mentor, and the owner of TerraSana Health in Calgary AB, Canada. She assists her clients in both her practice and online with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, using the lens of 5 Element Philosophy to discover "Why They Are The Way They Are," so that they may trust their own inner wisdom and awaken their innate healing capabilities. She is also the author of the book, "5 Element Alchemy" which you can learn more about below or at www.ashleyabbs.com or on Instagram @ashleyabbs.

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