Winter and The Water Element: A Chinese Medical Perspective

by Lauren Becker, LAc |

“It is the concentrated, internal force of winter that enables a seed to burst fo...

Winter in Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Denise Cicuto |

Winter is the most yin time of the year, the time of greatest stillness. It is the...

Maitake Mushrooms and Miso to Nourish Your Kidneys During the Winter

by Travis Metzger |

This dish corresponds to the Water Element phase of the Five Phases doctrine of Tr...

The 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine: Understanding the Water Element

by Dr. Liz Carlson |

What does it truly mean to "live with the seasons"?  Dr. Liz Carlson explains how ...

Water Element: The Dreamer & Philosopher

by Dr. Ashley Abbs |

Which of the 5 elements in Chinese Medicine are you?  All about the "Water Type".

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