Pollen Season and Chinese Herbs – A Natural Solution, 800 Years in the Making

by John G. McGarvey |

Pollen Season and Chinese Herbs – A Natural Solution, 800 Years in the Making

It’s no secret: Pollen seasons are getting worse, not better.  According to Pollen.com at the time of this writing, “Pollen levels are 'medium' across much of the country,” a statistic which given that pollen seasons are lengthening in duration due to climate change and that one-in-five Americans suffer from pollen season woes, might make your eyes water even more than they already are. 

Does the prospect of loading up on more over the counter solutions or supplements to combat these woes sound good? Or does a natural, time-tested herbal solution that’s been used for nearly 800 years make more sense given your affinity for yoga, desire for mindfulness, and path to more natural health solutions in your life?

Scratchy Eyes, Sneezing and Runny Nose

I’ve historically suffered throughout pollen season – scratchy eyes, sneezing fits, runny nose.  Eye drops were a constant as a child, and as I aged, over-the-counter solutions that were binge advertised on television took the drops’ place. 

But given my path through the world of Chinese herbal medicine, along with speaking regularly to acupuncturists throughout the U.S., Canada and China, I’ve learned the practical and powerful options that Chinese herbs provide.  It should come as no surprise that Chinese herbal medicine offers strong solutions to combat pollen season woes, and in some cases, the solution is three simple herbs.

chinese herbs allergies

Three Herbs – That’s It.

I’ve talked extensively about the power of an 800-year-old Chinese herbal medicine formula called Yu Ping Feng San.  Do a simple Google search or talk to a doctor of Chinese medicine or acupuncturist, and you’ll quickly learn that the formula is a hidden gem to those in the west who have experienced its strength – from warding against airborne pathogens during flu season (ask the teachers at my kids’ school who I’ve introduce the herbs to), to offering a natural solution when pollen or rag weed overtakes the air.

While I’m no longer surprised by the versatility of Chinese herbs, I sometimes forget how quickly they can work.  Last weekend, during our first warm day in Minneapolis, I was overcome with a sneezing fit that signaled the start of spring.  I grabbed our company’s version of Yu Ping Feng San (we call it Immunity Support– more on that below) and in as much as I can remain unbiased, I was shocked again with the formula’s strength.

No trip to Walgreen's, no box with lengthy fine print, no eye drops – three herbs, and that’s it.  I was outside the bulk of the weekend, and I truly felt great.  One dose a day blended in a cup of water, and it was game on for living life outside, not for sneezing.

chinese herbs allergies

From Pollen Season to Natural Immunity

What’s great about Yu Ping Feng San, and Chinese herbal medicine in general, is its versatility.  We could have called our take on this formula “Pollen Season Formula”, but we opted for Immunity Support given the core benefit of the herbal blend: Yu Ping Feng San translates to “Jade Windscreen”, given the core belief that the herbs create a “screen from the wind” around your body that’s as powerful and precious as jade.  So in a way, it makes sense that the herbs block the pollen, just like they block other airborne pathogens as well. 

And with increasing consumer focus on immunity health not just during flu season (with nearly $14 billion in immunity supplement sales in 2017, with projected growth to $25 billion by 2025, according to the  Nutrition Business Journal) and favorable trends in herbal solutions in general, a primary goal of ours is to keep amplifying the power of this beautiful practice.  Chinese medicine is not just about acupuncture needles to combat aches and pains – it’s a lifestyle that offers so much more in very practical ways that are based on balance and nature. 

I invite you to try Immunity Support for your pollen woes, to keep healthy when those around you are sick, or when you’re about to get on an airplane, just like I invite you to try acupuncture and other Chinese herbal solutions for other health needs in your life. We’ve got a network of acupuncturists across the U.S. who we’d be more than happy to introduce you to, or email us with questions.  It’s life changing (and will help with the sneezing too).

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John G. McGarvey is a co-founder of DAO Labs and a regular contributor to The Way. A frequent visitor to China and Asia for both business and pleasure, he is an avid consumer of Chinese medicine. He can be reached at john@mydaolabs.com.

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