How I Improved My Period With Xiao Yao San and Si Wu Tang

by Nell Smircina |

How I Improved My Period With Xiao Yao San and Si Wu Tang

My cycle in terms of days is extremely predictable (you can read more here), but my symptoms throughout may vary. There are times when my PMS is worse than normal and once I get my period I feel light years better. Sometimes after my period I feel completely depleted. And sometimes it’s a bit of both. So what do I do? I play with the dosages of the Women’s Monthly Kit.

I love both formulas, but I use the Xiao Yao San (Emotional Balance) formula for much more than PMS - stressful times, occasional pain and the sometimes for after a tough workout. 

Imagine sitting in a car in heavy traffic.  The longer you sit, the more your body begins to "stagnate"

I also regularly use Xiao Yao San the few days leading up to my period. It helps relieve "stagnation", a collection of Qi and blood in different areas of the body. When stagnation sticks around for too long, it can create heat, which is all the irritability we feel.

Imagine sitting in a car in heavy traffic. The longer you sit in traffic, the more tight your back, hips, neck and shoulders feel, and as you continue to tighten up, you start to get more easily annoyed. This is not just road rage - it’s a physiological response your body is having to being stagnant. The irritability is heat trying to be released from the body.

Our bodies are meant to move, allowing our blood to circulate and nourish our muscle, tissue and brain. When this stops, it causes a physiological shift. The week before a women’s cycle there is an intentional stagnation happening: A buildup of blood to move out of the body. Once the period starts, that stagnation and heat are released which is why many times we notice a shift in emotions as well.

The Rebuilding Process & Working From a Deficit: Si Wu Tang

After the period the rebuilding begins. Through our day to day lives, we are in a constant state of stress and are always pushing for the next project, errand, meeting or event. Because of our modern lifestyle, we are often working from a deficit. This makes the time right at the end of the period and right after the period more difficult for our bodies.

If we don’t have the energy required to do our day to day at 100%, how can we expect our bodies to handle an additional task of rebuilding what was lost during our period? Enter Si Wu Tang (Four Substance). This is a particularly important formula when you have a period that just leaves you feeling drained. It helps the body rebuild without causing additional strain or pulling resources from our body’s day to day stores which we need regardless of what time of the month it is.

This is another formula that I use for low energy due to overworking or mental fatigue.  I recommend taking this at the end of your period when there is a straight-forward need for rebuilding.

Sometimes I need more relief from PMS stagnation and sometimes I need more assistance rebuilding after my period because I’ve overworked myself. And sometimes I feel pretty good and symptoms are super mild but I know using these formulas together are a great way to just keep the cycle regular.

They’re a gentle support system to combating the modern lifestyle we all are a part of and need to thrive in. Maybe it is more like the Modern Women’s Monthly Kit... but I like to call it my Super Women’s Monthly Kit.

Dr. Nell Smircina, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl. OM is a licensed acupuncturist specializing in post-surgical rehabilitation and athletic recovery. She maintains her private practice in Beverly Hills, CA. Nell has worked extensively with the Veteran population in Los Angeles through different community acupuncture initiatives, and in her free time enjoys living a fit and active life in Southern California. Follow her on Instagram @bewellwithdrnell.

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