The Herb Series: Fu Ling’s (Poria) Solutions for Gut Health

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The Herb Series: Fu Ling’s (Poria) Solutions for Gut Health

Herbal therapy is an essential component of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on the principle that our bodies have self-healing mechanisms that can be activated with the touch of nature, herbal therapy awakens the body’s ability to rejuvenate blocked or depleted resources in order to restore balance. Strengthening your body and your Qi - your energy - through the use of herbs not only aids in the prevention and treatment of disease, but when used regularly, helps us maintain a lifestyle of well-being and harmony. 

In "The Herb Series", we provide a bit more information and context around the herbs that comprise the DAO Labs’ products. Chinese herbs are powerful, complex and at times, confusing. We’ll attempt to break them down for you in these easy to read updates, but feel free to contact us for more information.


Fu Ling for Digestive Harmony

Traditional Chinese Medicine, with its foundation in ancient Chinese study, focuses on activating the human body’s natural self-healing intuitions. The practice of TCM works to fill the physical, mental, and emotional needs of every being. Bringing these practices into modern-day living can manifest some tremendous relief in these areas.

The TCM insight and its natural healing modalities help us understand that empowering our body’s reserves will prove useful right when it’s needed. Strengthening your organs and you Qi - your energy - bring harmony and happiness. Be it acupuncture, herbal therapy, or nutrition, TCM provides all natural external stimuli to set the internal rhythm right.

What is Poria?

In Chinese, this root is known as Fu Ling. It is a wild white fungus found on the roots of the Japanese red pine. Its taste ranges from slightly sweet to bland, is odorless, soft to touch, and even elastic in nature.  For consumption, the fungus is cut into pieces and dried in the shade. The herb is widely cultivated in Yunnan, Hubei, Anhui, and Sichuan provinces of China, and commonly included in teas and soups for a warm and healthy dose of wellness!

Healing Properties

According to Chinese medicine theory, this medicinal plant is most effective in combating conditions relating to the spleen and the digestive tract. It strengthens the stomach by evenly circulating the energy produced by food, and is known as a potent tonic for the bladder and kidneys regulation. The herb also comes with diuretic properties that help the body rid itself of excess dampness.

Apart from these main qualities, Chinese medicine doctors also consider that Fu Ling helps with hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, diabetes, bacterial infections, inflammation, and even cancer.

At Dao Labs, we use the Fu Ling as an essential ingredient of Digestive Harmony, based off the classic Chinese medicine formula, Preserve Harmony (Bao He Wan). Preserve Harmony works to rejuvenate your spleen, calm your system, and take control of your gut the natural way!

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