Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan for Insomnia

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Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan for Insomnia

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan is a common herbal formula used in Chinese Medicine to promote cool, calm sleep. The National Center for Biotechnology Information recently conducted a study that sheds a light whether its usage can be carried out with efficacy and safety. A comparative analysis was conducted between Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan and traditional Western medicine to analyze and showcase the benefits.

14 studies involving over 1200 people were reviewed by the NCBI.  Meta analysis showed relative benefits of effective rates of Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan, both alone and when combined with Western medicine.  No risks were found, unlike popular western alternatives like Ambien, which must now carry a black box label according to the FDA.

In one study, effects were improved when 6 hours of sleep was normalized among individuals suffering from insomnia and positively increased the sleep time over 3 hours. 

The nature and course of the Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan have been proven safe, but large-scale research on the positive effects of Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan for insomnia must be conducted to fully understand the effects of this herbal formula.

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