Jade Windscreen for Safer Travel

by John G. McGarvey |

Jade Windscreen for Safer Travel

With over 2 million people taking to the skies again this summer, it feels as though this component of our lives is back to normal.  And while masks are now optional onboard, the wear and tear on one's body (and by extension, our "Qi") when we hit the road will once again be an issue to our overall immune health.

Social distancing?  Consider the close contact while standing in lines at check-in and security, against a backdrop of rapidly increasing numbers.    

Just as Chinese herbal medicine helped keep us healthy and safe throughout the pandemic, it's just as necessary today as we take to the skies.  In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine views all airborne bugs the same, underscoring why certain herb formulas work just as well now as they did throughout 2020 - they don't differentiate the cause, they simply help your body's underlying and natural ability to defend itself.

Is there a Chinese herbal formula that I wouldn't let any friend or family member travel without?  Undoubtedly, and it's one that I promoted equally aggressively over the last two years - Yu Ping Feng San (the inspiration to our Immunity Support formula).  Our reviews on this formula tell the full story, but here's the context ahead of your summer travel.

There's Nothing New About Your Immunity & Air Travel

According to a 2018 article in the Wall Street Journal*, "medical studies have shown that air travelers face higher rates of infection [than non-travelers]: one study pegged the increased risk of catching a cold at 20%".  This startling statistic might have you questioning whether the typical Vitamin-C powder packs the appropriate immunity punch to keep you healthy in the air.

That's where this powerful Chinese herbal formula comes into the equation: for nearly 750 years, it's helped defend against airborne pathogens in a way that other more modern options don't.  The herbs are believed to be as "precious as Jade", creating a "windscreen" around one's body.

Masks or no masks, Immunity Support was part of my daily wellness routine before any flight before the world changed - and just about daily over the last year.

Yes, airplanes are cleaner, but they are still airplanes.

This is a fact - there are no cleaning requirements for U.S. domestic airlines. The FAA doesn’t mandate how and when planes should be cleaned, and the FDA only inspects food and water safety on commercial planes. Airlines set their own standard about the frequency and depth of cleaning each aircraft. To be sure, planes are much (much) cleaner today than they were over a year ago, but there's still the issue of airports, Ubers and the environment changes that accompany travel of any kind. 

Consider All the Hotspots Over the Course of Your Journey: Airports, Airplanes, Ubers, Rental Cars

Given the potential proximity to people who should be in bed as opposed to on a plane, to say nothing of a tray table that could be doubling as a petri dish, it’s no wonder people drink powdered vitamins before takeoff.  But if there's one thing the last year has taught us, and that's that people found Chinese herbal medicine incredibly helpful, becoming a fixture of their safety and wellness routines.  I’ve written extensively about Immunity Support since our launch, and for good reason. It’s awesome for several practical applications and I’ve been outspoken about the power of the herbs contained within each packet: from keeping me healthy throughout the last year (with two little kids who were back in school), to discussing why the Chinese health authorities used this formula to help boost immunity during the 2003 SARS outbreak**, the formula is really quite amazing (and with ample five-star reviews, many of our customers would agree).

“Ask any acupuncturist who is familiar with this three-herb combination, and they’ll tell you that when it comes to boosting immunity when airborne pathogens are at their height, there’s nothing quite like it.”

The herbal combination remains one of the most popular immunity boosting formulas in all of Chinese herbal medicine, and is widely consumed across Asia still to this day (remarkable for an over 500 year old formula).

Ask any acupuncturist who’s familiar with this combination, and they’ll tell you that when it comes to boosting immunity when airborne pathogens are at their height, there’s nothing quite like it. I gave a brief talk at the Minnesota Acupuncture Association’s monthly gathering, and met an MD who was in attendance (with Chinese medicine training which is incredibly cool): He told me that he takes this formula all flu season when he’s assigned to the ER with incredible results. Imagine what it could do on a two-hour flight.

No Need to Change Your Routine

Immunity Support works just like any other Vitamin-C powder blend – simply add to water prior to hitting the road, and pack a handful others to drink as you continue with your travels. As I noted above, it’s never failed me in over 300,000 miles in the air.

*“The Trouble with Keeping Commercial Flights Clean,” The Wall Street Journal. September 17, 2017.
**“Immunomodulatory Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Potential Anti-Viral Activity: A Self Control Study.” P.M.K. Poon et al, The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, 2006.

John G. McGarvey is a co-founder of DAO Labs and a regular contributor to The Way. A frequent visitor to China and Asia for both business and pleasure, he is an avid consumer of Chinese medicine. He can be reached at john@mydaolabs.com.

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