East West Medical Currents Episode Two: Joint Health & Recommendations for Support

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East West Medical Currents Episode Two: Joint Health & Recommendations for Support

The below conversation between two experts in the fields of Eastern and Western health and wellness is for discussion purposes only.  This conversation is not meant to treat, cure or mitigate any disease, but rather is an opportunity for you the listener to educate and enlighten for future discussions with your healthcare providers about options that might be appropriate for your situation. 


Episode two of East West Medical Currents focusses on an incredibly relevant topic: joint health, mobility and flexibility - not to mention modern iterations like “text thumb”.  Once again, DAO Labs Co-Founder and Chief Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. Eric Karchmer, MD (China), Phd and LAc, and Dr. Michael Turner, MD engage in a conversation about how both Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (from Dr. Karchmer) and western options (from Dr. Turner), can be used in tandem to achieve better joint health, increased mobility, and hopefully, a better way to go through life. 

Dr. Turner brings the perspective of his years helping his patients with their joint needs, from recommending movement exercises and supplements, to when options like cortisone should be considered.  In this conversation, he walks through his “7 Core Concepts” for joint health and support, giving listeners a roadmap for how they can take a holistic approach to solving their joint needs.   

To complement this, Dr. Karchmer explains how Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be incorporated into one’s joint health and wellness needs.  In particular, he provides a high-level overview on the sources for joint, knee, wrist and lower back needs from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, walking through the Chinese medicine concepts of “wind”, “dampness”, and “cold” and how they are often at the heart of joint needs. 

Finally, both Doctors provide insight into one of today’s most pressing joint-related topics: carpal tunnel and “text thumb”, with both providing options that can help.

One major theme from this discussion: there are incredible options available that can help, leading to hopefully more active and fulfilling lifelong experiences.  Both Doctors take an open minded approach to solving these wellness needs, an approach we hope you consider as well.


Show Notes

A western approach to understanding the source of joint needs (01:55)

  • Injuries 
  • Force load discussion
  • Mis-alignment
  • Weight & obesity
  • Menopause
  • Aging process

An Eastern approach to understanding the source of joint needs (06:43)

  • “Blockage” of Qi
  • When is acupuncture best, versus herbal formulas?

 Best practices for supporting joints and increasing mobility: 7 Core Concepts (11:30)

  • Movement - is necessary and critical - promotes circulation
  • Balance & Symmetry within the movement - adjustments are very helpful.
  • Support: the joint needs support.  “Your knee likes a strong leg”.  Keep your legs strong!
  • “Pre-cursors” for cartilage.  What does cartilage need to be healthy?
  • Reduce oxidative stress - this is why antioxidants are helpful.  
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Stimulating healing 

 Best practices from an Eastern / Chinese Medicine perspective (17:25)

  • “Wind”
  • “Dampness”
  • “Cold”
  • Herbs can help!
  • Addressing “no-nourishment” - a degenerative process.  

 Understanding Carpal Tunnel from a Western Approach (23:02)

  •  Repetitive use the hands
  • Pregnancy and swelling.

 How to Reduce - Recommendations from Dr. Tuner (24:10)

  • Stretching
  • Wrist braces at night!
  • Injections
  • Surgery can be helpful - bust last result.

 Carpal Tunnel - an Eastern Approach (26:10)

  • Acupuncture and soft tissue issue 
  • This is a “no free flow” situation - Likely starts by addressing issues around the elbow
  • Think about the whole body of the muscle - that start higher up.  People can be very tender in that area. 

 “Text Thumb” from a Western perspective (31:01)

“Text Thumb” from an Eastern perspective (33:55)

Supplement Recommendations from Dr. Turner

  • Omega 3 Daily
  • Thorne - AR-ENCP

Recommendations from Dr. Karchmer:

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