East West Medical Currents Episode One: The Pandemic, Your Immunity & Sleep

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East West Medical Currents Episode One: The Pandemic, Your Immunity & Sleep

Ask anybody we’ve talked to and they will all say the same thing: we recommend that everybody should have an Acupuncturist in their life.  Regardless of wellness goals or medical backgrounds, we feel strongly that the benefits of this beautiful practice can benefit all of us in different ways.  

But that is not to say that we believe one should give-up their relationship with their primary care physician either - just the opposite.  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be included in one’s wellness toolkit in tandem with these relationships, particularly for those wellness needs where other modalities fall short.  

Which is why we are excited to collaborate with Washington-based medical doctor, Dr. Michael Turner, a Harvard-trained physician whose approach to health and wellness touches on a bit of everything.  We’ve gotten to know Dr. Turner over the last few months and appreciate the perspectives he provides in helping treat and support his patients, his depth of medical knowledge, and his willingness to recommend alternative therapies when his western training extends only so far  - like in the case of acupuncture. 

Introducing East West Medical Currents: A Global & Holistic Approach to Your Health

Together with DAO Labs Chief Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Eric Karchmer, MD (China), Phd and Acupuncturist, we’re launching a series of discussions that bridge both Eastern and Western perspectives to health, wellness and medicine. 

Eric Karchmer

Just as one will hear Dr. Turner discussing his experience with yoga and dietary supplement regimens with his patients, you’re just as likely to see Dr. Karchmer reviewing x-rays before an acupuncture session to treat somebody’s back.  Both are thought leaders and highly respected practitioners in their respective fields, and both take a holistic approach to all that modern medicine and science has to offer - while not turning a blind eye to what history and alternative therapies can offer as well.

Episode One: The Pandemic, Immunity & Sleep

For our first discussion, we touch on topics that are incredibly relevant, right now: treating the symptoms related to the current health crisis, general recommendations on boosting one’s immunity, and finally, recommendations for better sleep.  It’s a general discussion that provides actionable recommendations from both western and eastern perspectives, while providing a flavor of both doctors' backgrounds and why it sometimes takes a bit of both. 

Watch Episode One now. 

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