6 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Winter with Chinese Medicine

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6 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Winter with Chinese Medicine

Fall is a transitional period which requires action before the restful Winter arrives. Chinese medicine looks to nature to explain and describe human function and why imbalances can occur. We can prepare for the season by emulating nature so the transition is smooth and the body and mind remains balanced and in harmony.

The Importance of Balance: Yin + Yang

At some point in your life you have probably heard the saying “Everything in Moderation”.

It’s a hard concept to grasp in our culture of “Work Hard and Play Hard” (which is heavy on the active side and light on the rest side), and as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, it is a lifestyle recommendation that applies to most people.


Chinese Medicine theory is rooted in balance, which is represented by the Yin Yang symbol found in many acupuncture offices. Yin Yang represents extremes coming together to create one. There is no whole without both sides and each side has a part of the other in it. Examples of this can be found everywhere you look. One of the most obvious is the change of seasons, when the Yang of summer transitions to the Yin of winter. In between those two extremes you have fall and spring where the transition happens.

When the mind and body are in balance, health is optimal. Know that it is a constant struggle to keep that balance. When that balance is thrown off where you are experiencing symptoms, it is best to be proactive and work on your health so that a pathology doesn’t become a more lasting presence in your life.  

Practitioners in Chinese Medicine are trained to identify imbalances and have the tools to correct them. As many things in life, smaller imbalances are easier correct than larger ones. Here are six ways you can prepare your body for the transition to shorter, colder days.

gua sha

6 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Winter
  1. Organize your life, whether it is your closet or computer files. Clean and clear out what isn’t needed so you see what is important to you and to make room for the new.
  2. Finish projects you put on hold while you were fulfilling summer activities.
  3. As the days get colder, eat warmer and nourishing food like soup for example.
  4. Stay away from foods that contain processes sugars that can make you sluggish and cause phlegm.
  5. The Lung is associated with Fall in Chinese Medicine and can easily become injured with the changes in temperature and the wind. Strengthen the Lung by breathing deeply and intentionally.
  6. Acupuncture can keep the body in balance and the Lung strong during this season where colds can form and allergies can rear their ugly head.

Stay healthy and happy this season and enjoy the transition from the active summer months to the restful winter months!

This article originally appeared on the Inspired Wellness blog and has been republished here with the permission of the author.

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