The 3 E's of Breast Health

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The 3 E's of Breast Health

Did you know that your breasts are like sponges?

Your breasts are mainly made up of mammary glands, lymph tissue and fat. And, because of this specific combination of tissues, they are particularly vulnerable to several aspects. I like to call them the Three E's of Breast Health. As we talk about them below, take some mental notes.

  1. Environment

  2. Emotions

  3. Exercise (Circulation)


Our world is becoming increasingly toxic. Take a quick look around the space you’re in. Think about the town/city that you live in. How’s the air quality? How many cars are in your neighborhood? Do you live near a freeway? What are you constantly exposed to 24/7? What products do you use everyday? How’s your water quality? Food quality? Remember how I said your breasts are like sponges? It’s the fat portion of our breasts that soaks up and holds on to toxins if your body is overloaded and not able to handle the toxic load.


We are dynamic beings. We are not only our physical selves. We also have mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. They are all connected. In Chinese Medicine, each organ has an associated emotion. Just like your organs, things need to move and circulate to maintain life. This is the same with our emotions. Having emotions is human. What’s important is how we move through them. Do you often bury, resist or hold onto any emotions? How do you help yourself metabolize them?


Your breasts require connection. They require touch and palpation. They require lots of circulation due to their tissues. Lymph needs our participation in order to move. Fat likes to store and hold. And, mammary glands are there to fill up with abundance to nourish babies. Choose an exercise that you love and do a little bit everyday. My go-to is walking at least an hour per day. Remember to sync your exercise routine if you’re a menstruating person. Your needs for different types of exercise and intensities changes as your body cycles through your menstrual month.

Another way to facilitate this much needed circulation to your breasts is to perform a Breast Massage. I teach this inner alchemy practice in my self study E-Course: The Ultimate Guide to Breast Rejuvenation. Following your pace, my co-teacher, Michelle and I will walk you through how to assess each of the 3 E’s in your life. We’ll take a walk through every single room of your house and environment and share some clean alternative products that we love. We’ll talk about your emotional health and also the importance of circulation.

Further, I’ll invite you in some radical self-care. We’ll touch and engage with our breasts as I demonstrate a sequence that you can perform on yourself when you’re ready. We’ll also be making some breast oil blends, masks and castor oil packs. To honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the course will be 20% off throughout the month of October. Hope to see you there! Feel free to share with your loved ones.

Kris González is a licensed acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, and guide into the lost art of radical self-care called Nourishing Life (yang sheng) and specializes in Chinese Medicine Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine. Kris is also the resident acupuncturist for Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute/Steamy Chick where she provides consultations and education on pelvic bowl steaming for healing gynecological and andrological conditions. She resides in Santa Barbara with her husband and two sons. You can learn more about Kris at

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