Love Cupping with Dr. Kara MoraMarco

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Love Cupping with Dr. Kara MoraMarco

Dr. Kara MoraMarco is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and board-certified California Licensed Acupuncturist whose passion for healthful living began at an early age. In addition to running her clinic and treating patients, Dr. Kara is also the founder of Love Cups, as well as a DAO Labs Wellness Ambassador.  We asked her to share a little bit about her passion for TCM, as well as her inspiration for the gorgeous Love Cups that she created. 

On Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Impact on her Life

My experience with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine began a very long time ago when my parents first met. In 1978 they were both attending a lecture by the Dalai Lama’s personal physician on traditional medicine. At that time my father was already a practicing Acupuncturist, he actually took the very first state board exam offered in California in 1977!  

My mother was a student at the International College of Oriental Medicine outside of London. Some of her teachers are well-known authors such as Giovanni Maciocia and Peter Deadman, so I literally grew up with this medicine. Growing up I was a competitive figure skater and whenever I had an injury my dad would treat me with acupuncture and herbal medicine and I would feel the  powerful results first hand.

I knew I wanted to follow the family tradition so after completing my bachelors in kinesiology and exercise science I went on to the Masters program for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College and then completed my doctorate. I have been in private practice since graduating in 2012.

On Why Practicing Chinese Medicine is So Rewarding

My favorite part about practicing Chinese medicine is visually seeing my patients light up after a treatment. Helping others feel better is so rewarding and I feel grateful that I am able to help them and change their lives.

On the Concept Behind Love Cups

I noticed that so many of my patients loved posting photos of their back and they were absolutely obsessed with cupping because it feels so amazing. Also it was becoming very popular since Michael Phelps and other athlete have been sporting their marks especially since the Summer Olympics. I thought that it would be a cute idea to have heart shapes instead of circles!  

On Sourcing Love Cups

Originally we tried to have the love cups sourced locally, however we were unable to get the results needed to make a proper heart shape. Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, is close to my family’s heart and we have traveled there many times. We love the people the country and their exceptional craftsmanship.

My mom decided to head to Thailand to source the cups. After exhausting attempts she finally found an Earthenware specialist who worked with us to bring our product to market.  Our love cups are individually handmade, ethically sourced and beyond fair trade.

On the Response to Love Cups

The response has been overwhelming from my patients, colleges, massage therapists and all of their clients. Who doesn’t love hearts all over their body?!

On the Love Cup Connection with Thai Stateless Youth

In 2009 and 2010 my mother had the opportunity to volunteer at a Thai orphanage/welfare boarding school out outside Bangkok where she lived and taught English to for over 2 years. I also had the opportunity to visit and volunteer on numerous occasions. This is where we learned about statelessness, a sad problem in Thailand (the UNHCR defines a stateless person as “ A person who is not marked as a national by any State as per the operation of its law")

Stateless children are born into a world in which they face a lifetime of discrimination: their status profoundly affects their ability to learn and grow, and to fulfill their ambitions and dreams for the future. Love Cupping sales help support stateless youth in their endeavors to better their lives through higher education.

On Where to Buy Love Cups

Our Love Cups our available able only through our website

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