Three Simple Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips for Self-Care

by Amy Malone |

Three Simple Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips for Self-Care

Self care is the practice of protecting the body, mind, and spirit, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine these are all intertwined. Often, self-care is a small investment: it doesn't need to be expensive, and many self care rituals can be achieved in fewer than 10 minutes a day.

Amy Malone is a Colorado-based acupuncturist and the owner of Balanced Stone Acupuncture and Wellness. Her journey into Traditional Chinese Medicine began when she was working as a nurse and in school for pre-med. Like many students, she was tired and anxious - and on top of that, she was also suffering from endometriosis. In her journey to find wellness, Amy started to experiment with herbal medicine, nutrition, and exercise. When she finally tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs, her life was changed. She now shares her passion and conviction for Chinese medicine through her practice in Lakewood, CO.

Each month on her website, Amy shares a Traditional Chinese Medicine recommendation for wellness. Here are three simple, actionable ideas that you can practice, right now.

Start With This Acupressure Point

Looking for an afternoon boost or need help getting started in the morning? One minute of acupressure can help boost concentration without any chemical side effects. Find the point from the image below, and apply firm pressure with a clockwise rotation for about a minute. You can repeat this multiple times throughout the day as needed.

baihui DU-20


For more information on how yin and yang work to bring balance to the body and why this particular point helps to boost alertness, read more from Amy here.

foot soak chinese medicne

2. "Warm Your Feet"

Often ignored in western culture, the feet are home to many important acupressure and reflexology points in Chinese medicine.  Improve circulation, promote sleep, detoxify the body, and heal fungus and cracked skin with a soothing herbal foot soak.  Amy shares a recipe that will help warm up your feet and improve circulation.  

3. Spend 10 Minutes "Investing" in a  More Productive Day

Setting the tone for your day could help with a better night of sleep. Amy shares several ways to spend fewer than 10 minutes investing in a better, more productive day, and ultimately a more restful night of sleep. Create a routine of five or more of these ideas, and see the results as you feel more empowered and excited about your day.

We've shared the power of acupuncture as it relates to self care and stress relief, but a daily trip to the acupuncturist just isn't a viable option for many of us.  These tips above will help reset the body and mind, even when time is limited.

Amy Malone is a licensed acupuncturist and registered nurse with national certificaiton in Oriental Medicine. She brings balance into her life professionally by integrating her nursing background with her practice as an acupuncturist, and privately by making times for the things she loves outside the clinic. Amy is an avid skiier, hiker, backpacker, reader, and traveler together with her partner, Ryan. You can learn more about Amy at

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