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The Launch Playlist

By Caroline Joan Peixoto /

The Launch Playlist

Hello world! Coming to you live and just in time for the late days of spring – when the air is still cool and crisp in the morning and at night, the snow is gone and on occasion, one can find themself driving with the windows down. Now that DAO Labs is live, it’s time to cue the music.

Music has been our anchor through the waves of entrepreneurship. We’ve depended on mixing eclectic beats to get our motors running on all cylinders in matters of productivity and social times. So we’d like to introduce a playlist to tickle your ears, featuring songs that have helped us get into gear. Think of it as connecting the dots, musically.

Turn up your dials and welcome aboard.

Stream the playlist here.


Caroline Joan Peixoto is a Colorado-based freelance writer and yoga practitioner. Often on the road, Caroline was the founder of City Arts, a classical ballet school in Rwanda. She is also a frequent contributor to The Way.

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