The Power of Observation and Touch: Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis

by Marcie Bower |

What do acupuncturists look for when they examine your tongue and pulse?  Our coll...

A Chinese Medicine Prescription for Simple Self-Care: Diet, Lifestyle & Herbs

by Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons |

Self-care is in vogue right now, but these practices have been at the foundation o...

Winter and The Water Element: A Chinese Medical Perspective

by Lauren Becker, LAc |

“It is the concentrated, internal force of winter that enables a seed to burst fo...

How to Feng Shui Your Wellness Routine

by Caroline Joan Peixoto |

Feng Shui are words you’ve heard before, probably many times. Something to do with...

Three Simple Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips for Self-Care

by Amy Malone |

Self care can be as simple as taking a few cleansing breaths upon waking.  Colorad...

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping: What is It?

by Dr. Lauren Dyer L.Ac. DAC |

Why you should try cupping--and what you should watch out for.

Strengthen Your Qi Through Your Breathe

by Amy Malone |

Let's keep it simple. As an Acupuncturist, an important recommendation to my patie...

Transitioning from Summer to Fall with Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Julie Starsage |

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the fifth season of Late Summer ...

Heat or Ice? An Acupuncturist's Perspective on How to Heal

by Elizabeth Williams |

I was out hiking recently, and unfortunately fell and twisted my ankle. My doctor ...

Finding Balance In Times of Disruption with Chinese Medicine

by Kristina Adams, RAc |

This past year has really been one for the books.  A global health crisis, on-agai...

Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips for Hot Summer Days & Nights

by Kelli Taylor, RAc |

The summer season belongs to the Chinese Element of fire (the associated color is ...

Can Your Joints Predict the Weather?

by Dr. Lauren Dyer L.Ac. DAC |

You know when it's coming...The rain, the subsequent cold-front, or maybe the hot ...

Chinese Medicine or Antihistimines: Which Is Better?

by Hannah Fries |

Spring is my favorite time of year for oh so many reasons - wildflowers, sunshine,...

Show Us Your Tongue: Gui Pi Tang

by Dr. Eric Karchmer, PhD, MD (China), LAc |

Your tongue is the only muscle in the body that we can see, and can provide incred...

Embracing Traditional Chinese Medicine as an Expat Executive in Hong Kong

by Caroline Joan Peixoto |

Meet Amanda, the Director of Brand and Community for Lululemon Asia and a member o...

From Opioid Addiction to Holistic Health Advocate

by Tracey Dwight |

If you're ever in San Diego and need acupuncture, you should meet Becca Ur.  Not o...

The Energy of Acupuncture: Dominoes versus Mr. Potato Head

by Bavi Grewal, R.Ac |

Originating in China more than 2,500 years ago, Acupuncture has been used around t...

Falling Off the Wellness Wagon

by Tori Paide |

In theory and mostly practice, I am a proponent of practicing what I preach. Howev...

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