What Are Lai Fu Zi (Radish Seeds)? A Potent Digestive Punch Among Chinese Herbs

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What  Are Lai Fu Zi (Radish Seeds)? A Potent Digestive Punch Among Chinese Herbs

Lai Fu Zi, or known botanically as Semen Raphani Sativi (or what we might simply call "radish seeds") are highly regarded within Traditional Chinese Medicine theory because of their powerful potency when it comes to digestive support and health. In fact, ancient Chinese herbalists have historically compared its effectiveness to a “force that could collapse walls”.

Powerful words written thousands of years ago!

That got our attention, as did the herb’s popularity in Chinese herbal formulas for treating "food stagnation" and its frequent inclusion in some of the most popular herbal blends for general digestive health.

All this from an “herb” that are a form of dried (and often roasted) radish seeds!

We wanted to learn more.

Don’t Ever Overlook Your Gut

Both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine theories regard the “gut” extremely highly within the broader human physiology.  In fact, both alternative healing systems consider our gut to be second to our brain in overall importance, and that all emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being emanates from its balanced and harmonious state.

The moment there is a disruption in the functioning of the digestive system, our mind and body can be negatively affected. As a consequence, Chinese Medicine theory places special emphasis on recognizing herbs in nature that facilitate the digestion process and restore harmony to our overall health.

We obviously couldn’t resist including it in our Digestive Harmony formula, an herbal mix in which Lai Fu Zi works with other "Qi-enabling" and digestion-improving herbs such as the Red Tangerine Peel, Hawthorn Fruit, and Medicated Leaven to detoxify and strengthen the digestive system.

The Origins & The Flavor

A member of the Crucifera family, the herb has a pungent and strong taste, though it’s pretty odorless. Unlike other Chinese herbs, its geographic origin is quite vast. Although readily grown and easily accessible in China, it is a common herb in India as well.

The best and purest quality radish seeds are big and reddish in color, often naturally roasted by the sun and eventually broken and ground for Chinese medicine application. We proudly procure our seeds from the most sustainable sources and farms from across China (read more about out manufacturing and procuring process, here).

Lai Fu Zi – A Nourishing, Strengthening, and Soothing Herb for Your Gut

The importance of Lai Fu Zi within Chinese medicine is well established. It’s an important ingredient in Bao He Wan Decoction, one of the most popular Chinese digestive formulas that addresses indigestion, specifically food stagnation, diarrhea, nausea, and "distension".

In addition, a study published in 2016 also points at the anti-inflammatory properties of Lai Fu Zi and the book, The Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine refers to Radish Seeds as an effective remedy against food dispersion and stagnation.

Lai Fu Zi also helps unblock Qi that is vital for easy digestion and the absorption of food by stimulating the gastro tract and generally removing the disruption to the flow of food. The herb is effective in creating a balanced environment in the gastric system to ensure long-term digestive health.

Finally, Chinese medicine doctors also believe that it promotes a smooth functioning spleen by invigorating its Qi.

It Also Supports the Lungs: Lai Fu Zi Strengthens Lung-Qi

Apart from restoring digestive balance and health, Chinese medicine theory claims that Lai Fu Zi is also effective in addressing excess phlegm and supporting the functions of the lung.

It also supports your body's response to excessive cough, dyspnea, and obstructions in the chest.

Bringing it All Together

In creating a blend to support digestion, we couldn’t overlook this incredible herb. Lai Fu Zi can be hailed as a life-nourishing herb as it restores harmony to such an incredible function of one’s body – digestion!

In an age where the modern ethos has resulted in “nutritionally-deficient” food, we need auxiliaries that not only reinvigorate our natural state of balance and harmony but also expose the body to the purity of nature. That’s why we love both this herb (and Chinese medicine in general).

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Care Consideration: Just a reminder that the above information is not a substitute for medical care and is not a substitute for medical advice or recommendations  from a healthcare provider.  This information is not intended to treat, mitigate or cure any disease.  That said, we encourage you to connect with an Acupuncturist in your community to learn more about this and other Traditional Chinese Medicine options.  If you’ve got questions about Chinese herbal medicine or getting started with an Acupuncturist, feel free to connect with us on hello@mydaolabs.com

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