5 Ways to Use Tian Wang Bu Xing Dan

by John G. McGarvey |

5 Ways to Use Tian Wang Bu Xing Dan

I’ve been raving around the office about my switch to Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan, the herbal formula of inspiration behind our blackberry clove-flavored Physical Tranquility, one of the two formulas in our Sleep Remedy series.  I kicked melatonin years ago in lieu of Chinese herbs, and the resounding impact has been incredible.  As I’m always testing our formulas, the move to Physical Tranquility stemmed more from feeling hot throughout the day, and less for sleep needs, but overall impact on my life has been incredible.

Given how much my life has been impacted by this formula (much like all of our formulas, depending on my need), I was inspired to outline the below five ways Physical Tranquility, with it’s 16 herbs from Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan, can hopefully help you too.

1) Cooler Sleep – Cooler Days

I started trying Physical Tranquility because I wanted to cool down during the day.  I’m constantly moving throughout the day, from jumping between meetings to hopping between various distinctive projects. I naturally feel constantly too hot as a consequence, and sometimes the “pit stains” prove it (did I just say that?). But I also started noticing that I was in need of cooling off at night too. 

What began as generally sipping on Physical Tranquility throughout the day to help chill out, feeling the cooling impact as I went, quickly impacted my sleep as well.  The pillows and sheets didn’t seem as hot throughout the night, and I seemed to be literally “chilling-out” both day and night. 

No more pit stains.  No more hot sheets and pillow cases.

2) Don’t Forget Menopause

Piggy-backing on the above, women in China use this formula regularly during perimenopause to help manage hot flashes.  The herbs help cool and calm, providing a natural benefit to the body when times or flash-like moments run hot.  We recently launched a Menopause Bundle, which combines this formula with our Emotional Balance for a more stable mood and better and cooler sleep.  One customer recently wrote: 

"I am at the menopausal phase of life. I simply could not sleep. I would toss and turn waking every hour over heated and with muscle aches. Physical Tranquility relaxed me the first evening I used it. My sleep quality improved greatly and with much fewer night sweats. So happy to have found a product that has no harmful side affects.Just pour it in a glass of water, stir and drink before bedtime."

tian wang bu xin dan

3) Overall Better Sleep

I can’t stress enough how much this formula helps me achieve better sleep.  While many sleep supplements doze me off right away (whether melatonin or Ambien, I won’t recommend them to people looking for a long-term solution), by taking the formulas regularly, over time I naturally fall asleep faster but more importantly, I don’t seem to wake-up nearly as much.  Put another way, the formula (much like Mental Tranquility for the racing 2 AM mind) delivers quality, uninterrupted sleep – creating a better day ahead.  One customer writes: "

"I can’t stay asleep easily, I toss and turn throughout the night and I am totally against taking over the counter meds that make me feel confused and tired after I wake up and don’t let me stay asleep completely. I admire how this is entirely a "Natural" way. " 

4) Relaxes the Body – and Ultimately the Mind Too

Like the name suggests, Physical Tranquility helps calm the body – both day and night.  I don’t feel myself being as jittery or agitated during the day and certainly at night, while my legs seem calmer and more relaxed too.  Physical Tranquility helps alleviate what feels like agitation and restlessness both night and day.    

The byproduct of this, for me, seems to be better focus and a calmer mind too, as well as a feeling of being more present with my colleagues, friends and family.  

chinese herbs sleep

5) Wake Up Early - and Energized

Finally, and this is true – I’m writing this article at 5:30, after naturally waking-up around 4:45.  If there’s one downside, its that this formula leaves me almost too rested and then ultimately energized the next morning (is that a bad thing?!).  I went to be last night just after 9 PM, and was naturally up moving before the sun came up (while achieving a peaceful 7.5 hours of sleep).  This article will be complete and submitted before I’ve even left for the office, with time to spare for a quick workout before then.  And I'm not alone - one customer writes:

"I have problems staying asleep, I'm up and down all night long and I hate taking over the counter meds that make me feel groggy and tired well after sleep is over and doesn't help me stay asleep anyways. I like that this is a more "Natural" approach. I take it and maybe only wake up once, and when I do get up I actually feel awake and well rested! Will be ordering more!"

So there you have it – 5 practical ways that an herbal combination, used for hundreds of years, has a powerful, but natural impact on my life.  If you’re running a bit hot, agitated and tired, and want to quit washing shirts and bedsheets, give this combination a try.

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John G. McGarvey is a co-founder of DAO Labs and a regular contributor to The Way. A frequent visitor to China and Asia for both business and pleasure, he is an avid consumer of Chinese medicine. He can be reached at john@mydaolabs.com.

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