What should I feel and how will I know if it is working?

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What should I feel and how will I know if it is working?

What you will experience with the Women’s Kit will be similar to what you experience with most Dao herbal products. When the products are a good fit for your condition, the results will be tangible and sometimes even profound. If the fit is not good, then one may notice little benefit or even some discomforts (which will usually resolve quickly if you stop the formula). Beyond these basic principles, women may notice other patterns. For instance, the benefits from Emotional Balance may be quite immediate. That’s because the problem of Qi constraint is thought to be more superficial in general and therefore more responsive to treatment. By contrast, the benefits from Women’s Formula will take more time. Not only will you need to wait for the arrival of your next cycle to assess whether you benefitted from using the formula at the start of the cycle, but you may need to track changes over several menstrual cycles. That’s because according the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Women’s Formula works at the level of Blood, which is deeper than Qi, and therefore takes more time and effort to produce changes. Since the two formulas are being used together in the Women’s Kit, interesting synergies are possible that may produce faster and more definite improvements. For example, the Qi constraint of PMS may have a root in the problem of Blood deficiency (making it more severe and harder to treat).

Using the Women’s Kit will help women like this to get better results than just the use of either one of the formulas. Lastly, Chinese herbs tend to work cumulatively. If you notice modest benefits initially, sustained use of the same formula can often produce definitive gains that may be long lasting.

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