5 Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Secrets

by Dr. Bruce Stafford |

Improve organ function and balance the body's natural fat-controlling hormones wit...

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss

by Cheryl Blankenship, LAc. |

Chinese medicine corrects imbalances that are present in the body, and can be an e...

Is Your Salad Sabotaging Your Diet? Chinese Medicine Has the Answer.

by Travis Metzger |

We often think of a cold salad as healthy - but is it?  We examine some slight Chi...

Weight Loss & New Diet Science: East Meets West

by Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons |

As I teach my patients, a Chinese Medicine approach to weight loss, explaining t...

Weight Loss & Chinese Medicine: What You Need to Know

by Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons |

How can a Chinese medicine inspired diet work, when most other methods fail? Acupu...

A Life Changing Diet That Will Revolutionize Your Health

by Travis Metzger |

How making a few simple adjustments to your diet can improve your health, sleep, e...

Food as Medicine: Get Healthy This Spring

by Katie Jasper |

It’s safe to say: food is powerful. Food fuels us, it gives us energy, brings life...

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