How to Cycle Sync Diet, Exercise, Sleep, & Mood for a Better Period

by DAO Labs |

Infertility, irregular cycles, and hormonal imbalance are some of the top women's ...

A Recipe to Balance the Premenstrual Phase of Your Cycle

by Travis Metzger |

Intro by Dr. Eric Karchmer In the last week of a woman's menstrual cycle, assuming...

Nubry Nude Podcast Recap: Women’s Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

by Jane Veitenheimer |

Co-Founder Dr. Eric Karchmer had the honor of contributing as a guest on a recent ...

How the Pill Affects Hormonal Health

by DAO Labs |

Dr. Laura Belus answers common hormonal birth control questions, and shares holist...

Period Health as an Indicator of Overall Wellness

by Nell Smircina |

I used to hate having a period. It was this frustrating thing that happened each m...

5 Ways to Track Your Cycle

by DAO Labs |

Whether you are searching for hormone-free birth control/fertility options, lookin...

An Herbal Formula For Period Regularity & Strength

by Dr. Eric Karchmer, PhD, MD (China), LAc |

Women's bodies are beautiful, amazing and complex. But the monthly menstrual cycle...

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