Chi Nei Tsang & The Ancient Belly "Magic" for Our 21st Century Life

by Kandiss Fernando |

Chi Nei Tsang & The Ancient Belly "Magic" for Our 21st Century Life

An editorial note before we begin:  I want to describe what I mean by the word magic. Putting aside visions, tricks, or dexterity, this spell that I’m going to cast adds extra sparkle to life. 

“Magic” as in the sense of wonder, awe and alchemy. It is the magic of flower buds in early spring, the magic of walking home on balmy summer’s night and the magic in that instance of recognition, that turns strangers into “more than” where one plus one makes more the two.

This magic is synergy. 

Our 21st Century World and the Relevancy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

We exist in a world where we are constantly surrounded by things to do. We get targeted information from various angles and directions at different speeds and intentions.

We are sometimes stopped in our tracks, frozen with indecision by all the presenting possibilities and situations. We feel as if we have lost our footing, lost our center and feel adrift without any real purpose. 

We are always advised to respect and acknowledge the opinions and experiences of experts and loved ones without considering our instincts and knowledge.

In fact, we may not even be aware of the importance of such a thing or may have not found the words to fully describe that which is none-the-less felt at the deepest level;  a mental, physical and soul level tension caused by a disconnect to our inner-most being. 

So What is Chi Nei Tsang ("Chee-Nay-Tsang"): The Potential for Transformation 

Chi Nei Tsang, which is founded on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is centered on the observation and allowing of, and merging with our inner experience, because in the middle of that experience, exists the magic:

The potential for transformation. 

We spend a lot of time fighting.  Working hard at something, fighting for something.

Struggling for what we desire and struggling against for what we don’t.

Frankly, this fight  can be generally terribly exhausting for us as human beings. 

Chi Nei Tsang

 There is a lot room and genuine reasons for this conflict. However, there can be scope for other ways as well. The yin to a usual yang approach to our health. 

Chi Nei Tsang teaches us from the world of logical reasonings in the head to the intellectual sensibility residing inside our bodies.

Chi Nei Tang is a hands-on form of body therapy that combines breath, mindfulness, and deep, soft and gentle subtle physical touch applied to the abdomen and various parts of the body including the neck, sternum and sacrum. 

This type of body therapy stimulates internal changes through the process of insights leading to the smooth and efficient functions of organs.

Insight, but Much, Much More...

Insight, which literally means “seeing inwards” is not necessarily mental and is not always conscious, as it often occurs during sleep or states of consciousness reached through deep relaxation, meditation or while being absorbed in nature.  Insight is birthed from the connections made between our inner workings that were not previously communicating.

Insight creates a feeling, emotion or thought that helps us know something essential about our lives. 

Insight involves our intuition and Chi Nei Tsang helps us to move from being fuelled by instinct to being empowered by intuition. 

The Connection Between Chi Nei Tsang & The Belly / Abdomen 

Even if our bellies be bloated, sound, disturbed, or relived, they contain organs that carry out vital functions necessary for our survival. Additionally, our viscera is also designed to help us to live beyond a basic level of survival.  Along with moving us through days, our bodies can make us reach the state of thorough easiness and flexibility, no matter what the circumstance.

Chi Nei Tsang

According to Chinese Medicine theory, our organs, along with their physiological functions, help us process and digest the emotions and feelings that arise from the situations we experience in our lives. 

Our bellies together with our bodies are made to function as an "open system". This open system contains a natural rhythm and flow to allow new things to enter, move forward and evolve into the whole. Whereas, the old, outworn get released.  

When our body feels under stress however (whether from shock, accumulated stress or early developmental/childhood trauma), this natural rhythm and flow gets impaired and the body enters protection / closed mode. 

This protective mode captures these unwanted stress reactions in the nervous system and leaves them undecided until they are managed consciously.   

Four Tell-Tale Signs That Our Bodies are Storing Adverse Stress Reactions
  •  Rigidity and tension

  •  Shutdown: such as low energy, metabolism and feelings of depression

  •  Feelings of overwhelming or confusion

  •  Poor feelings of resilience: oversensitivity and reduced ability to “bounce back” from  stressful events

The Taoist sages of ancient China utilized meditative practices to take a look and analyze the vitality of this flow in nature as well as within our body.(our bodies being a microcosm of the entire universe). 

When this internal flow is compromised, this often results in the development of tangible “knots”, “tangles” and sore spots in our abdomens that constricts the vital functioning of our organs and how we experience our life force energy. 

Internal flow can be compromised by :

  •  Overwork & stress

  •  Surgery

  •  Our food choices (and habits around eating)

  •  Posture 

  • How we experience the emotions (such as fear, anger, anxiety, sadness and worry) that naturally arise as we live our lives.  This is very important to Chi Nei Tsang theory. 

Over time, if flow and the open system is not restored, this internal tension in individual organs begin to overflow into other body systems and eventually collects in the abdomen. 

Chi Nei Tsang & the Connection to our Energetic Body Center

The centre part of our body situated at the navel is quite energetic that it becomes congested and removed from the remaining body, resulting in the feelings of lead to feelings of overwhelm, lack of strength and countless display of internal physical and emotional imbalance. 

Some of the symptoms that manifest internal imbalance appearing at the times of body’s protection mode include:

  • Emotional ups and downs                      

  • Muscular tension or pain                     

  • Migraines                                               

  • Digestive Concerns                    

  • Vascular Issues                                      

  • Immune System Breakdown      

  • Autoimmune Concerns                           

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction            

  • Fertility & Menstrual Concerns               

  • Sleep Concerns 

  • Skin Concerns                                   

Chi Nei Tsang helps to create the space that allows for then illumination and clarification of our emotional lives by bring us in touch with ourselves.  It is this connection to our centre that inspires us to evolve in the direction of our highest potential and purpose.

Herein lies the true magic. 

Kandiss Fernando, R. TCMP, R. AC, is a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner impassioned about being a witness to the rediscovery of health in her own life and in the lives of her patients. She practices at Align Wellness Studio in Camana Bay, Grand Cayman.

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