An Earth Element Playlist - Sing!

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An Earth Element Playlist - Sing!

The "sound" of Earth Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory is the sound of singing, an appropriate choice given it's the time of year that we begin to release the energy of summer as we prepare for autumn.  With singing, we can let it all out. 

This is hard to argue: it's fun to sing.  And the best part is, you don't have to be good at it, but rather be open to expressing your mood, energy or "state" in melodic tones.  In your car, in your shower, around the camp fire.  Just sing, and let the late summer energy of Earth Element prepare your mind, body and spirit for the cooler months ahead.

A Playlist of Singers

What we've compiled is a list of songs that have a "poppy" tone in nature, but are all by artists you've likely heard of.  To take is slightly farther, she tried to capture songs that were less "top hits", and more just awesome singing.  Is it from the stomach, the spleen or from a place of moving Qi?  It's unclear, but we know the Earth Element's sound is all about singing, and these songs accomplish just that. 

Embrace the late summer energy.  Sing.

Listen here.  

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