The Big Game is in Our Hometown this Weekend. So is the Flu.

by John G. McGarvey |

The Big Game is in Our Hometown this Weekend.  So is the Flu.

According to some estimates, over one million people will flock to DAO Labs' hometown of Minneapolis, MN for the big game this weekend, with over 65,000 people attending the game itself. Unfortunately, fans will also be arriving just as the State’s Health Department reports that flu activity remains widespread across the state (with Patriot’s cornerback Malcolm Butler missing various media events on account of said illness). Welcome to Minnesota.

In recognition for the game related-festivities in our backyard, along with our mission of keeping people happy, balanced and healthy, we’re passing along five suggestions to maintain health – even if you’ve already had a flu shot.

What you won’t find on this list (though you typically do on others) is “avoid large crowds” – that’s a challenge if you’ve paid $3,000 for a Super Bowl ticket or are off to a viewing party. Instead, we start with a recommendation of embracing a 700 year old Chinese formula that we can’t say enough good things about.

Five Ways to Keep Healthy During the Big Game

Embrace our Immunity Support formula – it’s incredibly powerful this time of year, especially if you’re interacting with large crowds. Chinese health authorities typically turn to the herbal combination behind this formula when the need arises, while our consumers have quickly adopted it as their go-to powdered immunity booster. I’ve written about this formula’s strength many times, and I continue to be amazed by the results: when I feel something coming on, I’ll drink two and typically feel better within hours.

Wash your hands frequently and use alcohol-based hand sanitizers, whenever possible. Moreover, keep your hands away from you eyes, nose and mouth. Whether jumping between flights to, from or through MSP or throwing rampant high-fives during the Super Bowl, keep those hands washed!

Drink lots of water (not surprisingly given point one above, we recommend adding Immunity Support). Remember to keep the liquids flowing (and not just alcohol) throughout both flu season and the Super Bowl.

Keep rested and healthy. As we’ve talked about, the foundation of Chinese medicine is “balance”. Illness strikes when one becomes “imbalanced,” easily induced through late nights, an overabundance of unhealthy foods, or too much alcohol.

Eat for better immunity. My colleagues Dr. Eric Karchmer and chef Travis Metzger collaborate on east-meets-west “food as medicine” recipes each week (they pair western flavors and ingredients with the principles of Chinese medicine). Here’s an excellent smoothie recipe that bolsters immunity.

Remain active and energized this weekend, but most importantly, keep healthy. While it might be Super Bowl 52, it’s Chinese medicine 2,500 (as in the number of years behind this incredible practice) and remains as powerful as ever. Give Immunity Support a try and use code “THEWAY” at check-out for free shipping.


John G. McGarvey is a co-founder of DAO Labs and a regular contributor to The Way. A frequent visitor to China and Asia for both business and pleasure, he is an avid consumer of Chinese medicine. He can be reached at

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